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  1. Thank you both,, I don't know how I could have missed it under adjustments??????? Well, we are done now,, thanks again.
  2. Hello all, it has been a long time since I have posted. I have a simple question, I am sure was answered long ago,, but I can not figure out how to take a color photo and turn it into black and white? Or can I? Don't recall????? TIA Art
  3. Unfortunately,, I still don't understand the layers completely. I suppose it is a matter of using it to get the idea of it. Thanks again,, you made my day. Art
  4. Thanks,,,,,,,,,,, I guess I didn't see the forest for the trees.. Works well. Thanks again.
  5. Morning to you all. Can someone explain to me how to get a 3 letter monogram without overlapping the other letters? Or more like loosing parts of letters? Thanks
  6. I understand what is being said,, I have re-read the link several times, and have tried to follow instructions several times, but I am having trouble with the execution of the process to change the numbers. I can load just the logo into paint, I would like to manipulate it and then use what I get to apply on the other page when I reach the right look. It seems as though I don't understand what sequence I need to go thru to get this done. (?) I am sure it is elementary to someone more familiar with it than I. I change the numbers,, then what? Sometimes I get a different page sometimes not.. When do I change to 300? It is confusing ,, I just don't know what steps to take in what order. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Art
  7. This is the item.. and the logo is blurry. I need to keep the 8 1/2 x 11 size,, when I changed the pixels it changed the size of the page. If you could explain the process that would be wonderful. Thanks in advance. Art
  8. EER, I opened the project in Paint. I highlighted the logo, went to image, changed pixels to 300, then copied it, then opened another project that uses the same logo, and pasted what I had copied,, printed it and it is the same as before. When I go to see what the size is it shows 300 but it didn't change anything. What am I doing wrong? Should I be doing something different? As the only thing I want to change on the sheet is the logo. (?) Thanks in advance. Art
  9. Will give it a whirl.. thanks much............ Art
  10. Hello to all. I took an image off the internet.. used it on a project. When you look at the completed page, the image (LOGO) looks good, my client loved it, called it excellent. I printed it and sent to him.. well, that logo is rather blurry. Is there a way to make it crisper, more clear? Somehow make it sharper? This is a color logo. Thanks in advance. Art
  11. Super,,,,,, thank you very much.... that is great. Art
  12. Is it possible to take a colored coat of arms and make it a black and white figure? If so, please tell me how. Thanks again in advance. Art
  13. Sarkut, when I try that, say to enlarge the size of the text, after I am done, I see the old , smaller text under the larger text??? Am I to add a layer each time? If so, what type layer? Thanks for sharing, Art
  14. I have gotten to a point where I have the round text,, I have a seal with a blank space.. I would like to put the round text into the blank space,, but when I try, and no matter how I try,, the text is a white square with round text on it when I try to place it in the circle. The other thought that came to me,, what if ..(the text circle size was a guess) the text does not fit.. how do I expand or collape it? I know I have in the pass while playing with round text.. gone back to that effect and changed angles, start points etc.. is that the only way? I have attached what I have so far. ( I tried to attach the Paint.net file but I guess you can't, so these are the two I am working on,, as layers in Paint.net) Thanks for any help. Art
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