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  1. Thankyou everyone, Its been a great help, I can proceed now. I have no idea of the link addresses to use when I need to and am 'just' a user trying to give info that may help with some bug or something. Would it not be easier for PaintNet to display the link as a standard option within its dialogues, ie, <snip> It would help a lot. Many thanks, Regards Peter
  2. toe_head2001, I use gmail, its fine, thankyou for the advice but I think I shall leave it as it is. My main reason for doing that is to ensure my mail is available after a computer total failure, no installations of a client or anything. It works just fine. Now I have the email link BoltBait has offeredI can use it Thankyou Regards Peter
  3. BoltBait, Nothing happens when I click the link you have posted. I can copy it though and past it into an email, then send it.. Thats fine, but the PaintNet bug report option doesnt give me anything at all, so I cannot proceed.
  4. No, nothing else changes, anywhere. Just the 'Recently opened files list clears itself completely....
  5. Hi, I have been using PaintNet for years and years and have the latest version installed, ver 4.0.21 Many times since the PaintNet ver 4.0.21 installation the open 'Recent Files' option seems to randomly clear its contents completely between a program startup. I have never seen this happening before... One other thing is that the option to send a bug report just opens my browser (Chrome) and has no link in the address bar to navigate to, the browser just fires up and sits there, address bar blank and waiting for something to do. An
  6. Hello dpy, I use your 'Speech Bubble' plugin and wondered if it may be possible to add the option to select another style.... a 'thought' bubble..... Its a bit cheeky to ask I guess, but the speech bubble idea has been really useful and many times I would have liked to use the 'thought' bubble aspect. Thanks for a great little plugin, really well done Regards Peter
  7. Thankyou very much for taking the time to write this, its incredibly clear and well written :idea: Peter
  8. Thankyou Simon, All is very clear now, I have setup the *.apng file type as well, I believe someone has said the image quality does not degrade. I have been using and programming pc's for a long time, casually, and its suprising how 'pidgeon holed' its possible to get..... I never realised that, from what I have read on this thread, gif animation was a 'WOW' breakthrough. But I now understand, and with the power and flexibility, that is PaintNet, much will be possible. I normally focus on high performance sequential gearboxes :shock: which may explain my complete mental block! This i
  9. Ok, Thankyou, I apologise for seeming sloooooooow! I have opened PaintNet, created a multi layered file, and saved it as an agif. On renaming it to a gif, i can run it in the Quicktime player. I am still trying to understand..... Is that it?, as on reading this thread, it seems as if you all are setting frame rates and manipulating several other things in the image with the 'NEW' plug in. Its frustrating, I am trying to understand, and I am not used to working with images, IS the option to save in agif format, NEW..? I can indeed create animated Gifs, in a multi layered file, and run i
  10. I am using version 3.5, the latest one... I can save work in a lot of formats including .agif... Are you saying I have to save a file in a certain format 'before the plugin becomes active'?
  11. Thanks for that, Yes PaintNet is not running while I install the plugin... I have just done as you suggest, and have opened the properties dialogue on each file, and selected Unblock. On running PaintNet again, there's still no change.... Peter
  12. Hi, I really dont want to sound stupid, but need some help getting this to work. I have downloaded and unzipped the AnimGIF.dll into my file types folder, the accompanying SBCommon.dll is/has been in the effects directory and/or the file types directory. But there is no plugin i can see... And there is no history of plugin load errors in the Utilities menu either.... I just am asking, where do i find the plugin? as it does not appear in ANY of the menus or sub menus inside PaintNet. I dont want to waste anybodies time here, but would appreciate some advice. Thanks Peter
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