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  1. Thankyou everyone, Its been a great help, I can proceed now. I have no idea of the link addresses to use when I need to and am 'just' a user trying to give info that may help with some bug or something. Would it not be easier for PaintNet to display the link as a standard option within its dialogues, ie, <snip> It would help a lot. Many thanks, Regards Peter
  2. toe_head2001, I use gmail, its fine, thankyou for the advice but I think I shall leave it as it is. My main reason for doing that is to ensure my mail is available after a computer total failure, no installations of a client or anything. It works just fine. Now I have the email link BoltBait has offeredI can use it Thankyou Regards Peter
  3. BoltBait, Nothing happens when I click the link you have posted. I can copy it though and past it into an email, then send it.. Thats fine, but the PaintNet bug report option doesnt give me anything at all, so I cannot proceed.
  4. No, nothing else changes, anywhere. Just the 'Recently opened files list clears itself completely....
  5. Hi, I have been using PaintNet for years and years and have the latest version installed, ver 4.0.21 Many times since the PaintNet ver 4.0.21 installation the open 'Recent Files' option seems to randomly clear its contents completely between a program startup. I have never seen this happening before... One other thing is that the option to send a bug report just opens my browser (Chrome) and has no link in the address bar to navigate to, the browser just fires up and sits there, address bar blank and waiting for something to do. Any ideas ? Regards, Peter
  6. Thankyou for that, I have posted and asked in the plugin thread... Peter
  7. Hello dpy, I use your 'Speech Bubble' plugin and wondered if it may be possible to add the option to select another style.... a 'thought' bubble..... Its a bit cheeky to ask I guess, but the speech bubble idea has been really useful and many times I would have liked to use the 'thought' bubble aspect. Thanks for a great little plugin, really well done Regards Peter
  8. Thankyou for your comments, I have seen your posts for a long time and you would know if there was something that could be used. The plugin i use isnt signed anywhere so I dont know who wrote it, its a great tool though, very simple and the addition of the 'thinking bubbles' would make it complete... I will persevere, and make them. Thanks again Peter
  9. Hello, I thought I would ask, as I have searched here and drawn a blank, I use a nice plugin for making speech bubbles and wondered if there was one that enabled the 'thinking' bubble too... Its something that has been very useful, and the 'thinking' bubble, would be great as it is not an option in the plugin I have been using up to now Thankyou in advance for any pointers you may be able to give Peter
  10. Hello, I know this is a long shot, but thought I would ask... When I create an AGIF file, the options for the resulting GIF to repeat is 1 through to 10 repeats, with a setting of 0 being a 'continuous' looping situation. There is no setting for the agif/gif to cycle through its frames only once... Not repeating. I have many files that I would like to just open and run through their frames, not repeating the sequence at all. Would it be, that maybe sometime in future the option may be available to enable a gif file to run only once? ie settings of repeat = 0 through to 10, with some other setting available for a continuous repeating situation. Thankyou Peter
  11. Hello, I just thought I would ask, as I use PaintNet as my only image editing tool, Plugins... Is there such a thing that would enable web addresses to be assigned to invisible hotspots overlaying an image/collage, enabling navigation within a website... Somehow, its probably deep, and either not possible or a lot of work but I thought I would ask here, as it would be a very useful thing to be able to do. Thanks Peter
  12. Thankyou very much for that, I shall have a look. But to be honest, I don't really want to install software just to generate a gif file that doesn't loop. I make all my agif files with PaintNet, and some are not needed to loop again, just running once... If the agif created in PaintNet could be allowed to do that, it would be great I must say though. PaintNet is an unbelievably good program, and a huge ammount of work has gone into it and all the plugins that are available from you all. I use specific things most of the time and its a real workhorse from that point of view. The animated gif plugin is so simple to use, and maybe at sometime in the future it will be able to make an agif that doesn't loop Thanks for your help with it Regards Peter
  13. Hello I am probably getting this wrong, and have missed something, but would like to ask about how I set up the .gif files I create, to not loop again at all.. They always loop twice using the setting of 1..... ie the file loads and runs as it would, then loops once more... In the initial settings dialogue area, at the time of saving the agif file, it says 'Repeat (0 to loop)' Setting to '0' gets it to loop continuously, the setting of 1 makes it repeat 'once' ON TOP of the initial framesets displaying as it runs the first time. Therefore in effect, looping TWICE! I ask, how do I get the final gif file to NOT LOOP AGAIN AT ALL, and only running ONCE through the framesets it contains when it loads ? I expect I have missed something here, as I usually do.... But would a setting of '0' = 'loop continuously' seems odd, I would have thought a loop setting of 0 would mean 'it doesn't loop at all'. Maybe :-) Thankyou for any help, PaintNet is indeed a wonderful program Regards Peter
  14. Welshblue, Thankyou very much for that, I shall give it a go. What would be really nice though, was to be able to just type when inserting text, and have drop shadow either 'on or off' and appearing in real time with the font... The depth of the shadow being preset by me via a setup dialogue, and made default if needed. Thanks again, maybe one of you plugin wizards can come up with a drop shadow option, that appears when the text tool is selected... Regards Peter
  15. Hello, I have been editing photos in another application to enable text with a drop shadow. I wondered, is there a plugin that would enable this to be done in Paintnet I have attached a photo that shows the feature, its not that obvious but I hope you can see it... Thankyou Peter
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