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  1. I have used layers, as shown in my examples, and it doesn't achieve what I am looking for.
  2. It works, but to an extent. Here's an example... Your method with Paint.NET. Note the white background of the lettering that is overlayed onto the other part of the picture: Now with MSPaint, note how the lettering has no background at all, and only it itself is overlayed onto the rest of the picture: That is what I want to acheive with Paint.NET
  3. I love this program, and use it for 99% of my image editing. However, one thing that irks me a bit is its inability to let me do a transparent selection ala MSPaint. When I move or cut the selection, it picks up everything, revealin the grey/white pixel canvas underneath. In MSPaint, it leaves the background intact. I've searched the forums a bit and couldn't find a solution to this problem, hence this topic. Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. When it comes to really quick and simple cut and paste jobs, I find that MS is faster with its basic-ness, so I prefer that over .NET, with .NET relegated to the big tasks. Anyhoo... Since installing .NET, I've found that it opens now, when right-clicking an image file and selecting Edit, instead of MSPaint. How do I change this back?
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