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  1. Yeah it is, and was error free at anything but full zoom. Edit: It seems that it's mostly that image (I just loaded a 2000*10000 image and it did what it was supposed to by not letting me zoom in more than 328%), which makes me feel rather silly for posting this. Sorry Rick, obviously feel free to lock.
  2. Is there anything I can send you to help you figure out what went wrong so it won't go wrong for others? I can live with the errors at this point, but I'd like to see it get fixed in the next version.
  3. Hello, I use Paint.NET 3.5.8 on Windows 7 Pro x64, with everything fully updated. After installing AutoCAD 2012 Electrical (Student), there were several glitches that cropped up in Paint.NET most notably that I could no longer zoom fully into an image and edit or even see the entire thing. For example I was trying to edit an image that is 1400*750. When I used [CRTL]+Scroll to zoom in as far as I could, it let me zoom in to 3200%. However it defaulted to an area that was at the edge of a 1024*550 rectangle set in the upper left corner of the image. I tired several times to scroll further down the image in full zoom, but Paint.NET refused to let me (it would however let me scroll further over using the scroll bars, but not edit anything outside of the above mentioned area). I have removed all plugins, uninstalled AutoCAD, reinstalled Paint.NET (both versions 3.5.7 and 3.5.8) and nothing has fixed this issue. To show what I am talking about I have uploaded the following files: (318k) (273k) The first is the error when zoomed in all the way, the second shows where I am in the image when zoomed out. As I noted above (in the topic description) Paint.NET will not even let me select 2400% as a zoom, and the scroll-to-zoom skips
  4. EDIT: "Frozen Leaf" Stock secured from Timothy Cizadlo Photography on a pre-release agreement (WOOHOO for fun legal messes! ) SVGA resolution, higher availble
  5. I think this goes here, but Bossk, I can't PM you, as you have it disabled.
  6. Hey, I just use a foam baseball bat, you guys are quite mean sometimes.
  7. Damn you and your blasted logic! Yeah Bossk, I'll accept your appology, but I'd still like to (politely) thwap you on the head for having an easy to guess password.
  8. Part of me is, but also I want to know if those opinions on gun control were is or note (due to some of his wording in the opening post). I guess I'm just jaded. EDIT: Also, I won't hold stuff against you - so you are forgiven in that respect. But I do have a long memory (heck I followed Valjean for over 10 years).
  9. I'll accept the apology conditionally, as the "Friend hacked my account" is the second oldest in the book (right after "My sibling hacked my account") in the troll play book [being a part-time troll-hunter I know their ways]. I also want to get the time line strait: [*:24awp5g3]Friend Hacks your account[*:24awp5g3]Friend posts in the Gun Control thread[*:24awp5g3]You discover said hack Is this list correct?
  10. He says he tried to load a Gamecube game on an xBox 360 - that's either stupid beyond words, or a troll. The other fact that he uses Photoshop on an SVGA resolution screen is so stupid as to almost have to be a troll. As for me being wrong, it might be the case, but my internal error-checking is of rather high quality (although I have had a few to many false positives on my Troll-o-meter in the past).
  11. What the...? Of course it doesn't! You actually expected it to? It broke when i shoved it in the xbox! Either you are less intelligent that I thought, or you are a troll. If the later then Yes, I do hate you (with good reason). If the former, then I don't hate you - I hate your ideas, or more aptly, lack thereof. Edit: and I would have said this over PMs if you hadn't disabled them on your end. Stupid Memory Card Reader overheated and fried the plastic case (literally). Now I can't upload off the memory card locally to my laptop. I actually have to use the card reader on the workstation. This is going to suck for that shoot tomorrow when my clients want instant gratification on the candids.
  12. Are we allowed to watermark the images for submission (I prefer watermarking to corner tagging, as the later can be clipped very easily)?
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