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  1. Open the color picture in Paint.NET. Duplicate the layer. Make the top layer black-and-white. Adjustments > Black and White Erase the area where you want the blue to show through.
  2. I suggest changing your blue-and-white image to black-and-white. Then use it as an alpha mask applied to a blue-filled layer. That should give you a blue signature on transparency with no trace of white. Save as PNG. This would involve using the Alpha Mask Import plugin by Illnab1024. .
  3. This page will show you how: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/InstallPlugins.html
  4. Can you link to some example images that you would like to have the glass textures and silhouettes applied to?
  5. PSD file functionality is provided by a file type plugin. Your best bet is to post your request in that plugin's thread. That way it is more likely to come to the attention of the author.
  6. Use the Gradient tool, set to Linear in Transparency Mode. Click on the left side of the canvas, and drag to the right. (The grid will disappear when you go mouse-button-down, and reappear in a transparent gradient as you drag right.)
  7. The lower picture is blurred relative to the top picture. If you apply True Blur at 1.7 radius to the top picture, the two look nearly identical.
  8. Thanks for spotting that. The forum breaks the link at the comma. It should work if copy/pasted from this code box. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/top-downloads-android-apps-iphone-apps-top-games,12393.html
  9. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/top-downloads-android-apps-iphone-apps-top-games,12393.html http://www.neowin.net/news/paintnet-358
  10. Can you provide some additional information? What are the pixel dimensions of your original? What size specifically do you want the image to print out as? Are you printing on standard A4 size paper?
  11. With Simon Brown's Drag From plugin, you can drag-and-drop a layer from Paint.NET to another program.
  12. Follow the instructions for dpy plugins in Hidden Content of Post #847. Install dpy plugins. .
  13. So far as I know, all plugins downloaded from here are safe. I use Vista too, and don't have any problem downloading. Are the plugins installing OK so that you can use them?
  14. Are you downloading from the plugin forum here, or from some other website? This is the only approved source for plugin downloads: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum/7-plugins-publishing-only/
  15. Cropping is "to selection". Make a Rectangle selection, the cropping option won't be grayed out anymore.
  16. Click on this link. Circle Text Scroll down to: Menu > Effects > Text Formations Scroll down again, click on attachment labeled: dpyplugins5.1.zip CircleText.dll is in the plugin zip pack.
  17. You could remove the white using the Grim Color Reaper plugin. Grim Color Reaper Leave the Blending mode set to Normal. ======================================= You could make the curved text black-and-white and use it as an alpha mask on a solid red layer. Alpha Mask ======================================= Or make the curved text in Paint.NET on a new layer using the Circle Text plugin. Circle Text .
  18. Pixels are fundamental. The other measurements can vary depending on resolution/DPI. But a pixel is always a pixel. Makes it easier to compare sizes from one image to another. http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/9071/pixelsdd01.png http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/1443/googleimages01.png
  19. Involving JPGs in the process can only do harm. Probably best to keep it all in Paint.NET and leave MS Word and various filetypes out of the process. Use pixels as your measurement type, not cm. or inches. Might be good to find larger balloon (etc.) images to fit better with the background image size. Or resize the background down. Maybe try cutting out the balloons using Lasso select, copy/paste into a new layer above the background, deselect, use Feather Object plugin.
  20. Yes, that worked. What are your specific steps when you copy/paste the cut-out objects from the one file into the file with the background image? For example, do you Magic Wand outside the object, invert selection, copy, etc.? Just detail the steps that you are using from start to finish in taking an object and bringing it into the other file.
  21. Save as PNG. Drag-and-drop the file onto this web page. http://min.us/ Post the resulting web address here.
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