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  1. This is a good way to bring images in on top of a background image. They will each be on their own layer, so you can position them easily. Layers > Import From File...
  2. It depends. In what way do you want them combined? Side-by-side, on top of each other with some form of blending, something else? If you want the images side-by-side, this tutorial shows one way of doing it: Triple the canvas size, rather than doubling it, to have room for three pictures. .
  3. Fill your background layer with pale yellow. Make a Rectangle selection. Make a new layer. Fill the selection with black. Make a new layer. Fill the selection with white. In the Layers window, click on the black rectangle layer. Press Esc to deselect. Apply Gaussian blur. Use the Move Selected Pixels tool to move the shadow so that it shows on 2 sides only. Press F4, and adjust Opacity, if needed. .
  4. For Vista: Right-click the font file > Install
  5. The Light Rays plugin. http://img852.imageshack.us/img852/1300/sector01.png The result could be used as a Magic Wand selection template or as an alpha mask. Light Rays Alpha Mask
  6. The plugin DLLs are all in the x86 Effects folder on your 64-bit system.
  7. Could you make a full-size screenshot of Paint.NET with your current project open. (Showing the Layers window, and the History window.) Post the direct link URL here. http://www.take-a-screenshot.org/ http://imageshack.us/
  8. If you like, try this: Go to this web page: http://min.us/ ======================================= Navigate to the folder on your computer where your Paint.NET file is saved, and drag-and-drop the file from there onto the web page. Copy from the address bar the web address that results , and paste it into a post here. That way we can take a look at the file and see what's going on.
  9. Layers Window Clicking the icon at the bottom left of the Layers window should make a new layer. Also: Layers > Add New Layer (These layers are transparent) =========================== If these don't make new layers, something is wrong. =========================== Layer visibility can be toggled on/off with the checkboxes at the right of each layer in the Layers window. =========================== Please include links to the YouTube videos that you have referred to.
  10. Put FNTCACHE.DAT.BAK into a zipfile: Right-click > Send to > Compressed (zipped) Folder. Drag-and-drop the zipfile from your PC onto this web page: http://min.us/ Copy from the address bar the web address that results , and paste it into a post here. .
  11. If I have this wrong, just let me know. I believe that you have an image object that you have cut-out by erasing. You want to add it in on top of a different background image. 1- Open the background image. 2- Import the cut-out image .png file. Layers > Import From File... 3- Position the cut-out using the Move Selected Pixels tool, which is automatically active following importing the cut-out file. 4- Merge the layers. Layers > Merge Layer Down
  12. The idea is to clean up any traces left behind of incomplete previous installation attempts that may be interfering with things. Might apply to Paint.NET or faulty NET framework installation.
  13. Don't know what a Tori -smooth plugin is. Link to the page where it is referenced please. ==================================================== .
  14. Profile photos are turned off permanently.
  15. Would it be difficult for getpaint.net to add 4 duplicate pages with same names except lower-case dubyas? In the meanwhile, I'll stash these here where I can search them easily. http://tinyurl.com/PDNTools http://tinyurl.com/PDNMainwindow http://tinyurl.com/PDNLayerswindow http://tinyurl.com/PDNColorswindow http://tinyurl.com/PDNHistorywindow .
  16. This might be helpful: http://cid-27e6a35d1a492af7.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Blog_Tools/dotnetfx_cleanup_tool.zip
  17. You could try this: Delete all DLLs in the Effects folder. Delete the plugin zip that you downloaded. Clear your browser's cache. Clear Browser Cache Re-download, and re-install the plugins.
  18. If you can, get a racing background with lighting direction to match that of your dad's picture.
  19. After you cut-out your dad and cycle, save as PNG. Then open the picture of the racers, and import the PNG file of your dad. Layers > Import From File... .
  20. Do a Google Advanced Image search on Haunted Houses, skulls, spooky, etc. Have the Advanced Search set to Labeled for reuse with modification. Load an image into Paint.NET, and start playing with effects and blend modes. The image on the right was made by duplicating the layer, set blending mode to Difference, shift layer up 2pixels with Move Selected Pixels tool. http://img848.imageshack.us/img848/2870/t29wooh4.png Image credit: http://www.behance.net/Gallery/Haunted-Houses/45009 .
  21. You could carefully cut it into chunks by selection, and vertically shrink the middle selections using .
  22. Draw your lines on new layers above the background. Then Select/Delete will do what you want. The checkerboard indicates transparency.
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