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  1. Thanks Rick. While searching for a solution on the web, a few people had similar problems. While they weren't using P.N, they had come to discover that it was related to the transparency setting of the background in their images. I wonder if this is a place to look for me. My picture has only a background, so I don't know if it could help me if at all. Andy
  2. Thanks guys for the tips. You'd a thought by now MS would have dropped auto compression and made it optional now with all the advances made in micro technology. I mean sacrificing quality for compression is just not priority stuff anymore IMHO. Andy
  3. Thanks Rick. I notice we have DDS and PDN formats. I'm not familiar with these. But if they offer not attempt at compression, maybe that's what I need. Thanks. Andy
  4. Hi all: I've saved my page size 8.5 X 11 in PNG format. The images are all cleaned and sharp and I have no residual particles remaining on the saved file and not visible in screen resolution even in zoom mode, so I know the file is not corrupted. The problem is I still get dithering even though I'm saved to 32bit PNG with the greyed-out dithering gauge set at zero. I read that PNG should offer up to 64K color palette/pixel, and that should prevent dithering. My text, which is graphic text, is better that in BMP also, but not the best. What I would like to get is RAW, or WSIWG. I don't really care about file size has I have gobs of gigs. I started working in BMP and I think that was 16 or 24 bit. Then I went to PNG and is an improvement, but I need best quality. I'm printing on a samsung lazerjet, and I am capable of getting photo quality out of it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Andy
  5. Is there an option to work without layers? I know layers offers many advantages and I have worked in them, but this time I would like to work in a single canvas and simply past pics to it, manipulate, then print. Thanks. Andy
  6. Hi folks: I'm new here and hope to learn a lot about this new paint program. I'm an old MSPaint person. That's the program that came packaged with ancient windows versions. (What I don't like about paint.net is the missing "show grid" option available in any zoomed size, but anyway back to my problem). I'm making a product flyer (8.5 X11) for our store and we will pass them around the towns in my area. I will take pictures of the products with my camera and up load them into paint.net. The picture will need to be downsized to approx 1 X 2in, so dithering will be needed to get the same quality has the original. Now downsized, I will need get rid of the photo session backdrop, then create a new canvas of the flyer and paste them in without the background. Does anyone know how to crop free hand? That is zoom in the picture and using the pencil option define the boarder of the wanted image, then define outside of it has transparent? Or any other method tom achieve the same results. Thanks for the help. Andy
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