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  1. Find a dirty-looking texture, and apply this tutorial:
  2. If you have only one layer, when you add a new layer it will be the top layer. If you have multiple layers, when you add a new layer it will be created above the layer that was active when you added the new layer. So, in the Layers window, click on the top layer to make it the active layer. Then add a new layer. The new layer will be the top layer. ===================================================== If you add text to a layer that is not the top layer, it may be blocked from view by an upper visible layer. It's OK to put text on a layer that isn't the top layer so long as you keep in mind that higher layers may (or might not) block the view of the text.
  3. Always put your text on a new layer. The Recolor tool can be used to change the text color. .
  4. Here's an Intro tutorial: Any questions, just ask. http://pdnfans.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=tuts&action=display&thread=106
  5. On a new layer, use leaf silhouette brushes with Custom Brushes Mini to make a mask. Use the mask with the Alpha Mask Import plugin to cut out the border your image. .
  6. Be sure that you are working on a new layer that is the top layer. Be sure that your Primary color is a contrasting color. (eg. not applying white (or transparent) text over a white background) Press Esc before engaging the text tool.
  7. This may be helpful: http://www.photopos.com/Pos-Multiple-Image-Printing-Wizard.asp
  8. Do you have to copy/paste in a pre-made text box? Can't simply make new text? =========================================== What you need to do will depend on the character of both the text in the text box, and the background image. You might be able to do what you want by setting the Layer Properties of the text layer to Multiply blending mode.
  9. Here's some info on layers: http://tinyurl.com/PDNLayerswindow Put your objects each on its own new layer for ease in editing. Paint.NET is a raster editor, so no vectors. Just keep moving the mouse when using the rulers. You can use the keyboard arrow keys for micro-adjusting the mouse cursor position. .
  10. Sarkut

    RAW File

    RAWFile.dll needs to be installed in the File Types folder. Not in the Effects folder. .
  11. The text tool is rudimentary, and does some weird things when trying to insert Character Map code by Alt+xxxx. The simplest way is by copy/paste. The best tool I've found for prepping the text is the portable (no installation) freeware Jarte. Makes it really easy to insert special characters. Jarte http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/1662/charmap01.png"> http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/1662/charmap01.png
  12. Instead, create a black line on a layer above, use it as an alpha mask.
  13. This link shows the procedure that I followed with a similar situation:
  14. You could set your primary color to zero Alpha-Transparency and the blending to Overwrite. The line would act as an eraser that way.
  15. You could set your secondary color to zero Alpha-Transparency. Then set the Paintbrush or Pencil tool to Overwrite blending with AntiAliasing Disabled. .
  16. You can make things the secondary color with right-mouse-button using the Paintbrush tool.
  17. Please open the Windows Installer Cleanup program. Make one or more screenshots showing all items in the program interface. (Save screenshots as PNG filetype.) Then close the program. http://www.take-a-screenshot.org/ http://imageshack.us/ Examples of what I mean. http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/7663/msicu01.png http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/9304/msicu02.png ============================================ Also, in the bottom-left of the screen click on the start icon, type winver and press Enter. Verify your Windows version and Service Pack level.
  18. Make a Rectangle selection around the area that you want to blur. Apply blur. The blurring will be restricted to the selected region. .
  19. The ".pdn file" was actually a PNG file with the wrong extension. Be sure to choose the save filetype from the drop-down menu, not by changing the extension manually. I couldn't get this one to download from min.us. (http://min.us/mveVanc The PNG) If you like you can upload it again to another site, like this one: tinyupload.com Put it into a zipfile first, if possible.
  20. The PNG was salvageable: http://min.us/mqOurnDqWPaju
  21. If the files are 50MB or smaller, you can drag-and-drop them onto this web page: http://min.us/ Then post the resulting URLs here.
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