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  1. first update in a really long time: Abstract pic "fractalish". ]
  2. same as those above me, and i think that arceus's havs the "wrong" shape of a sig... Sharp - 3 arceous - 0 #winner - Sharp
  3. why did you put a capital letter in the middle of a word?
  4. cool, looks like something from an animated movie
  5. maybe this is helpful? if not, i dont know how to do it
  6. shouldnt it be 2-0? a bit unsure bout csm's vote
  7. thx, i know the text is not great... any tips?
  8. Allthough none of them are great (no offense) i like the last one best, but you should try to make more personal backgrounds instead of just using fractal plugins Here's my latest:
  9. ^ Wont Study for Zer0 < Doesnt like to use but is gonna do it anyway lives in USA
  10. @ Possum Roadkills entry so the possum is not a stock?
  11. You could use Rotate/Zoom in the Layer options
  12. Use the Paint Bucket in the empty spaces in the letters...
  13. have to agree with those above me pdnnoob's is good but the text is too blurry for my taste and Weylin's is just awesome Weylin: 3 PDNnoob: 0 #Winner: Weylin! I'll enter with this:
  14. Cool WP's. 1st and 3rd are my favs! Check out my latest and tell me what you think
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