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  1. Flier I made for my school
  2. One of my more basic images a picture dedicated to a girl at my college. :] Was messing bored in class Let me know what you think. Thanks! ~NightWolf92 Facebook art page: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=534310120#!/pages/Ryan-Curran-Art/148836971804078
  3. cool i may use that in one of my future pictures. Thanks!
  4. hey what do u use for your text? i use stuff like Cooltext.com but im wondering if there is a better way. Lemme know. Thanks! btw awesome pictures!!!
  5. Thank you very much. i hope to keep improving. Posting a new picture now.
  6. Thank you very much... i will be adding pictures as i go. Thanks!!! My Facebook Art page: http://www.facebook....71804078?ref=ts
  7. Thanks. No i do not take all the pics myself. i pretty much use pre-made abstract pictures. blend them and change them around etc. to make them look kewlll.... @Pyro... sorry bout the Nip onh the girl lol tho i htought when it comes to art. the human body is just a strong representation of secure sexuality. bah lol jk idk wut im sayin tho:P i made a few more ill post em in a bit Thanks for the feedback!
  8. My first GFX Picture same girl in the picture just different style 8/29/10 My 2nd GFX Picture 8/30/10 My 3rd GFX Picture8/30/10 My "hangover" art 9/1/10 Just made this one. Feedback pls!!! 9/2/10 A Quickie 9/2/10 9/6/10 Dedicated to a girl at my college Was bored in class Made for a friend who lost someone. New Made 9/13/2010 for a friend
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