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  1. I don't think you need to do anything with the chrome effect. It looks just right. I can't do as good as that.
  2. @ApathY: I'm not sure what you're trying to tell me but, do you use Apophysis? Click on my "PDN gallery" below my sig and look at a picture in my Fantasy category. There's an image there called "Fantasy River." The wings on the Fairy and the woods behind her were done with Apophysis. You might find it interesting.
  3. @ChitoDog: I really like your sig. You did a great job with the chrome effect. @ShK_828 : You didn't explain what inspired your sig. It looks good. I like your Avatar too. @CommanderSozo: That's cool. I don't remember Harrison Ford looking like that. I must've been buying popcorn.
  4. Thanks for stopping by Helen. A few weeks back I saw your glossies and really liked them so I had to give it a try..... I had fun making this. Thanks.
  5. Fantasy. #1: "Fairy River" #2: "Caterpillar Swamp"
  6. What? _______ I really like your signatures, especially the BANHAMMER one. The Flight is pretty good, too. What does that website do?
  7. @eddye: This is a great piece but it needs a subject. The eye has no place to go to. I love the colors and the diagonal texture. I'm thinking it would make a great background for something. Keep up the good work.
  8. @ApathY: Great tip. Thanks. I like your stuff.
  9. How did you bend the text to make it look wavy? It looks great.
  10. Thanks guys to all the above. I will try all of these 'til I get the desired effect. I'm kinda determined about this.
  11. @Leif: Thanks, I installed the pallet and it works. I'll experiment with it this evening. Does anyone else have any other suggestions?
  12. Skin tone question: Can anyone tell me how to get the fantasy skin tone as shown here in the before and after pics. The skin tone in the finished pic does not look like a photo of a real person. How is that done?
  13. I agree with Ash. Politics should be off limits in the Sanctuary, especially when there is a political thread for that purpose. I come here to get away from it all. I think if politics is your happiness, it should be allowed here. I do agree that our rants were out of line, though. My apologies. I guess you're right about "...if politics is your happiness, it should be allowed here." I guess I was being shorted sighted in assuming that politics could be any bodies happiness. So you're right about that one David.
  14. I agree with Ash. Politics should be off limits in the Sanctuary, especially when there is a political thread for that purpose. I come here to get away from it all.
  15. I've always maintained that we are not human beings experiencing spirituality. But rather, we are spiritual beings experiencing humanity.
  16. When I was 13 I thought I knew everything. When I was 20 I discovered I knew nothing. Today, I know a little bit about everything. Life is interesting because as you grow older you get a little smarter and the smarter you get you realize how much you have yet to learn. I used to say to my mother... "the older I get, the smarter she is."
  17. PeterPawn


    @summer_782: Thanks. I like the island you stuck in there. Welcome to PDN.
  18. Must be. It's interesting that the synonym for hyperbole is Rhetoric. Obamaniacs: That's a good term, I'll use that. I like Huckabee also.
  19. Who sent thousands of troops into 15 countries two hours after they heard about it?
  20. Thanks Oma. I'll check out the glass tut.
  21. @Oma: I recognize the tiles but how do you get the glassy look? I love your glass slipper for instance.
  22. Oma: You are just too incredible. Beautiful as always. You are always surpassing yourself....
  23. Note that ClassicUI tab. I have MicroSoft Office 2007. I believe that's the current version. I love the whole suite. Whoa: I just discoverd the "Ribbon" thing. I'll have to investigate that.
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