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  1. Hey Pyro, you're a musician too? I'm impressed. I also am a musician, I play guitar on a folk group. I know the feeling of a 'gig' that went well. Can't wait to see your video. Congratulations. Self Portrait.
  2. I wish the smudge tool had a way of zooming in so I can see small areas. Does anyone know if it can do that?
  3. Good job Simon, regarding pointing out the post that Boltbait did here... viewtopic.php?f=17&t=26670&p=211107#p211107 I wonder what changed boltbaits's mind?
  4. Kemaru you're too funny. Great humor.
  5. Thank you..... TopHATslash. Your work has been catching my eye as well.
  6. @Frozen_byte: I really like your SIG and your "fire" thing. Good job. @oma: I have fallen in love with fractals. Thanks for your comments. I wanted to do a "pyrochild" type sig, without copying him. I think I succeded with the fractal approach.
  7. Did not use stock images. I used two of my own photographs. The moon is reddish looking because it was in eclipse and the mountain range was taken at sunset that day.
  8. I like dragons. Lot of detail here so please click the image to see a larger version.
  9. I like it. Minoeman's looks good too. There's a lot of talent going into these sig's. Keep it up guys.
  10. Digital Painting with paint.net. Before & After.
  11. Great looking sig and avatar. Very original and unique. Great message. I love it.
  12. Excellent point LJXD regarding "No-ones taken into account what style of music your aiming to play." The style of music dictates the type of guitar.
  13. Thanks, didn't know you could clone from one layer to another. Great tip.
  14. Here's my entry... Avatar Size Not so fast Pyro... Contest not over 'til the 6th.
  15. Glad to see this thread. I've been playing guitar for over 50 years. Started out on a fender stratocaster, I threw my pick away decades ago when I learned how to fingerpick. Now I use all the fingers of my right hand and never use a pick anymore. Today I play an Ovation eclectric acoustic round back and I love it. No I'm not bragging, how would you know my background if I didn't tell you? The point is, I have never been satisfied with my playing until I learned to fingerpick. Throw the picks away and use your fingers. You can make one guitar sound like three. My favorite guitarist is Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. Listen to his leads. He does not use a pick. Yours truly, the guitar man, with my Ovation......
  16. Their are all kinds of programs that render images. Which one are you referring to?
  17. @Kemaru: How did you make those flower designs on your SIG? It looks really good.
  18. @Goonfella: Tell me more about the Fern Fractal plugin. Is that a paint.net plugin or a plugin for another program? and if so, which program? Thank You. It looks really good by the way.
  19. Regarding your sig "Believe or not, your choice." Believe what? I like your sig. It looks real good.
  20. @topezia: Thanks for your input. If you play around with Apophysis get version 2.08 Beta. It works the best. Lot's of tuts at Deviant Art. PDN is great for assembling everything.
  21. This is "Caterpillar Swamp." Moon & stars is paint.net. Everything else is fractal work with Apophysis.
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