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  1. @ Topezia: WOW!!! Regarding the one just above, it looks great. I don't know what you'd crop off, it looks great. That big space in front is calling for something. Maybe you could do something there. Really cool........
  2. @Simon Brown: Yup... I love MicroSoft Word and Excel.......
  3. I tried it with Shape 3D and got this. I actually have a use for this, Thanks Ash.
  4. Wow!!! This makes my nerves jittery. Feels like I just had five cups of coffee. Still a lot of fun. Lucky thing the crashes don't hurt 'cause I crash a lot.
  5. @R3VENGE: You are correct. I don't like clutter. Did you make your desktop image? That glass effect looks cool.
  6. Myrddin said: "On the other hand, if you were to create a plugin that accomplished the same result without the need for Inpaint preinstalled, that would fantastic." I agree with this. Inpaint costs around $40 bucks. Way too expensive for what it does. When a powerful program like PDN is free, why would anyone want to pay $40 dollars for something like Inpaint?
  7. I am using the trial version of Inpaint and Vista's Snipping tool to accomplish the desired result. I works fine.
  8. Good idea survulus. I like the old fashion look. The sig looks good. Ray Bradbury is my favorite sci-fi author. I actually met him once.
  9. Ash: I'm going to play with your suggestions here, but I've been waiting for a tutorial from you on this subject. You make the best glass I've seen. Consider this a request.
  10. PeterPawn


    Thanks Ash. I've learned valuable techniques about making a sky with this lesson....
  11. @jiZer: Thanks. I added another abstract. Congratulations on your 100th post.
  12. I liked yours too. I think this is going to be a good thread.
  13. PeterPawn thinks/ PhotoShop too much to get/ so I will use/ Paint.net
  14. This is a thumbnail of my desktop image which I just completed. 99% PDN. There's nothing else to show about my desktop, there's just two rows of folders along the bottom. I don't use widgets or anything else. Please click image for larger view, there's more detail to be seen.
  15. Finally finished my Tolkien wallpaper. This is now my desktop image.
  16. This is inspired by another thread "The Story of Your Username." What I would like to do here is to know what inspired the design of your SIG. So I'll start. I love the fractal, flame & reflection look, not to mention using paint.net to express that love. So, what inspired the design of your SIG image?
  17. Nothing mysterious about my username. I'm involved with a particular chess website so I can play chess online with my son and I had to pick something. Someone else already had "DarkKnight" so I had to come up with this one. It stuck, I've been PeterPawn ever since.
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