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  1. thanks..unfortunately I have a damaged arm; I can still use my arm, but I sometime literally have to pick it up with my other arm and place it on the table to use the keyboard. So I only use shortcuts when I have to, like pasting in text...that's fine.. One thing I didn't see on the list, and I was going to suggest was: 'cancel operation' Like I have used the line drawing tool, adjusted the width to what I want, but the line is in the wrong place. I then have to click 'back' to get rid of the line, but by doing that I lose the width settings I want...so a simple 'cancel operation' shortcut or tool button might help with this and other tools.
  2. I would find it less tiring if some of the main features like: c&p cropping deselect finish were possible to stick all in one place...ie on the floating toolbar window. all that travelling around the screen for hours, to do things is wearing.. maybe people could have the option to click and drag any feature, they use a lot,onto the floating toolbar..? Also; could the eraser have its own brush width value, separate from paint brush?
  3. When I have an image in the copy memory, and then magnify, so that the I can only see part of the work frame, and then click 'paste', the copied image isn't pasted in quite the same position, as it was copied from....sometimes I have to set back at 100% and then go look for where it was pasted to. Process: set to 100%. highlight a section of the image. click 'copy' magnify, so that you can only see a part of the whole working image. and then 'paste'. It should paste to a place where it wasn't copied from..slightly to the right when I just checked. It is annoying sometimes. I noticed this a while ago, but just put up with it. Not a serious bug, I know. Anyone else find this happen?
  4. Sometimes I have an image in the copy memory, but then I have to make a 'cut', and then lose the image in the copy memory. Like with MS text copy and paste, they have the option to cut plus the option to 'delete', which deletes the highlighted text, and still keeps the C&P memory text. The same would be good for PDN, image options. I know there is a workaround, and just use the eraser to wipe out the highlighted image, but then have to lose time altering the size of the eraser, and setting the level of the erasing to 100%, plus losing the original setting for the fad paint and erase, an erase size. Seems like it should be a main option rather than a pluggin. ..
  5. When you are doing lots of random dots, or when you are trying to alter a line curve, or position a window etc...? I know some people use drawing pads, but personally I still use a mouse(I have a damaged arm anyway, so use paper and then scan drawings in). I have just today found a simple solution. When you need to, stick a bit of bluetac on the bottom of the mouse on the corner of the button you are going to use. Seems to work. Or is this an old idea, an old problem? Most of the time I just want the mouse to move smoothly, but I was doing a night sky the other day, and doing each star with one click, and some of the time the dots ended up a bit smeared, and I kept having to click 'undo'...
  6. OK thanks...seems to work, although it would still make a good toggle button, I think.
  7. My right elbow was damaged years ago; I can still use my right arm, but when I have selected an area and want to expand, or decrease it, I have to press the SHIFT key to keep the selected area in the original ratio...which can be a drag. Which got me thinking about people with only one arm, or with only one functional arm/hand etc. Could PDN just include a small toggle button to keep the area in the original ration, if someone wants it?
  8. Ok, I see now; I have to select 'pixelated' option. Sorry.
  9. If you lasso and area and then cut and paste it to another layer, there seems to be a small gap, between the two areas....a thin gap of pixel width...in places edit: or is it something wrong, I've done?
  10. my computer says that windows can't open the dll file....oh well...
  11. well it used to be a built in function....not long ago, well I can't remember downloading a plugin for it. effects>colour> and then tints, filter, and colour channels..and a few other things, I think. if it isn't built in any more, where can I download the plugin?
  12. when I reinstalled I did it by redownloading.. I redownloaded it a few weeks ago after having Vista reinstalled, and only just noticed that the 'colour' option had gone from 'effects' so thought it maybe missing from the download.
  13. I went to use the 'colour' function in 'effects' to tint something and it seems to have gone!!! Is this just on my computer, or has it been removed, or moved?
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