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  1. Ok I tryied again and again sometimes and yes it seems working from time to time. I'll make make a shortcut of PdnRepair.exe thanks The operation is from Paint.Net to a new document Paint.Net (manipulation : select, ctrl C, Ctrl N, Ok, Ctrl A, Suppr (cause white background), Ctrl V then extra white background appears. Sorry for wrong post my english is not very well so i didn't want losing time in reading rulez. My apologizes for the incovenience. Also I take time to read noobiest guides but with ctrl F on the alpha word i didn't find anything really interresting. Thanks this worked directly for paste into new picture too. But idk if it's chance or not cause i have the problem from times to times now :s Yeah I AM, however i know how to search on forums and i only find things about advance uses of the program wich are not the interest i am looking for cause i told you i'm a newbie.
  2. Okay i'm newbie so i think i'm in the good section but i can't even find this tiny information on the amount of information we got here... Well when i ctrl C a selection in a picture with a alpha background then paste it on antoher picture with alpha background too paint.net add me a white background on my pasted selection... How can we copy paste the alpha channel ? -_- or is there a really simple to use program wich manage the alpha channel easily ? ...
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