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  1. Thank you for the feedback! You can find more variations in my gallery, located HERE @Kaddl89: Good result! Don't forget to add some noise so it looks like a real fabric, and I suggest making all images twice as large as your result will be, in order to ensure a high quality and details.
  2. So when does the competition start? I just finished my mosaic >.>
  3. Alright, I know this looks like a lot of work, but it was in order to achieve a relatively simple effect... 1. Colour Match from Mayor's image to the previous one, so colours were the same. 2. Colour Extracted Mayor's sun. 3. Jitter 4. G. Blur 5. Dents 6. Blur Which gives this:
  4. I know i'm late, but I've only just seen this thread... Here's my entry, also my first pixel art (against the mighty Pyrochild? ) Can you see the scorpion? Yeah, me neither...
  5. ClockWorkDemon: 1 csm725: 1 I like the simple, cleanliness of it, although csm's was very good for a from-scratch-signature, however i would have added a little more polishing to it.
  6. To be honest, they're pretty prominently displayed already... http://sites.google.com/site/boltbait/install
  7. House, M.D.. I know it's not the gentleman's choice, but since i'm not really in detective stories, a broader, general-audience approach to the genre went a longer way. Open or Closed headphones?
  8. Not my type of music at all, but I'll admit it's a good song for partying. A positive point is that the vuvuzelas fit right in. 6/10
  9. Zombies are not much of a trouble if you have the Zombie-Defence 3000 pack. It consists of a flashy sticker of the Mac Logo that can be displayed prominently on your backpack. Zombies are no longer threats to worry about!
  10. I've played this thread before.... o.O Sorry, forgot to save as JPEG.. Effect was MEDIAN BLUR default settings.
  11. hey mate,

    Welcome to the forums, don't be afraid to get involved, people are pretty friendly if you follow the rules!

  12. You should be scared [autocensored]less! Also look out for: Mountain Lions Bears Snakes Yetis Wolfs Creek Pass Humanoids Humanoid-Posing Robots ABOVE ALL: Coloradians. Or is it Coloraders? Maybe Coloradishers.
  13. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Hello all Here's a quick tutorial, as easy and detailed as possible, to make digital camouflage. Here's the effect we're going for: Pick The Colours In order to use accurate-as-possible colours, I'll smudge them to obtain the average colours. There is usually three colours in a pattern: Background (darkest); Middle (bit brighter); Front (Lightest) Get those colours in an other image, in case you need to find them again. Making the Pattern's Base Start with the background colour, and fill your canvas. For this tutorial I went 500px squared, but I suggest you go as high as your computer can handle, for quality purposes. Next, start up your CLOUDS plugin with your second colour selected on a new layer, with the following parametres: Repeat again with the new colour, on a new layer. Make sure to press 'Reseed' when at the plugin's configuration. Giving it a digitalised look Select the top layer, and run a JITTER effect on it. This is to give it that 'windy' look. Next, run a PIXELATE+ plugin. You can either use my parametres or try your own settings. Now use the Magic Wand with a tolerance of ~45%, and select an empty-looking spot while holding SHIFT. Once you have that, press the buttons in this order: CTRL+I (Invert Selection) BACKSPACE (Fill Selection) CTRL+I (Invert Selection) DELETE (Delete Selection) Here's the result you should have: Rinse & Repeat with the middle layer. Also, unlike what I did, I suggest using a slightly different PIXELATE+ level for the 2nd layer. Realistic Clothing Now we want to give the camouflage a realistic look. If you look again at the resource image, you can spot a number of distrinctive features: -The patterns are not perfectly aligned. You can replicate this by selecting the middle layer, pressing CTRL+SHIFT+Z and increasing the angle a single percent. -The colours are not plain, this is woven. You can replicate this by adding noise to each layer. -Woven Fabric: Run a STITCH plugin on each layer [OPTIONNAL] -Shadows: Run a CLOUD effect with colours BLACK (alpha 250) and WHITE (alpha 0) and the following parametres on a new layer. Don't forget the set the layer's BLEND MODE to MULTIPLY. There you go! Hopefully you had much better results than I did, I really messed this one up... Here's a better result: Looking forward to seeing some results and critism! -piney
  14. yeah okay, i might have been a little absent lately... I'm not too sure i'll find them a project yet, I'd need to learn to skin weapons and clothes and stuff first.
  15. turns out i've been experimenting with digital camouflage recently, you might want to take a look at those (royalty free *hint hint*) images, and if you need a tutorial and i'll gladly help you.
  16. I think fleeing from a vampire is a withstanding argument. I would like to see you against a bloody (oh look, a pun) vampire, mr braveman.
  17. Hey dude. What's up?

    Just trying to make some friends, being a newbie here :P

  18. No problem, but just for the record, I have a whole bunch of plugins and have never had any problems. I regularly check my outgoing / ingoing connections and absolutely nothing even remotely suspicious. And anyhow, I do believe any antivirus would detect such behaviour fairly quickly, as any unallowed access of memory can be detected easily.
  19. Oh, this game is easy! but really, here's a 7.5/10, since it's a very clean, and not too cliche, although not 'extremely' original. I know you went for a jelly-like, flashy button, and it worked well in that sense, however it might be a tad bit too bright for my tastes. Overall, I like!
  20. It's simple to prevent any damage, simply sandbox your paintdotnet application to a specific folder, and block it from sending communication or altering files outside that folder. I believe a number of antivirus and firewalls offer that feature, I know the lastest version of Comodo Free Firewall does.
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