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  1. thanks for that awesome digital camo tutorial!

  2. thanks for that awesome digital camo tutorial!

  3. Bonjour jean pierre (I'm assuming here), We'd need a bit more precision as to what effect you are trying to achieve; have you got any examples to show us perhaps? From what I understood however, you'll want to look here:
  4. Awesome work everyone! Congrats BarbieQ, very nice golden leaves! I'll admit I had difficulty choosing who to vote for, but I had a weakness for Olav's very realistically done texture, I think it's worth a tutorial!
  5. bah! I used to be way more active, back in '07...
  6. You are all so famous, I just felt like I had to restore equilibrium...! and BarbieQ, to be honest you seem to have gained momentum while I was away, so I can't say I really know you, but judging from the amount of posts I see you making, you can definitively consider yourself e-famous!
  7. hey, i'm just trying to help! I took the picture on the right and brightened it, and now it's lighter. Magic? filename? Maybe transparency?
  8. the results are so because you are using multiple layers, or because your magic wand isn't at 0 tolerance. Try flattenning the image first. Otherwise, you can use the same principle but instead of the wand use the rectangle selection tool.
  9. lighter pixels make for a lighter image size. I think...
  10. Look here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum/20-newbie-playground/ Everything should be there, if you have any more questions feel free to reply to this post and someone will help you.
  11. 90% in IrfanView is not necessarily the same as 90% in PDN. Can you compare the sizes of the both images? Other than that,try saving at 100%, or in .png (really, jpeg sucks for text). Other than that, have a read here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=15554
  12. Hi, I'm not entirely positive this is the exact problem, but based on the information above, please check the following: Open the Start Menu (windows menu) Click on 'Run' Type in 'msconfig' Click on the 'services' tab Sort by name Look for 'Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)' Make sure it's ticked Press Okay and reboot Try printing Other than that, make sure you have the latest version of Paint.NET, and run it with administrative rights (Windows might be blocking PDN's attempt to start the service?).
  13. Can you provide an example of what you are trying to accomplish? There are many tutorials available for making Lighting Bolts.
  14. Try uploading this, it should work. http://imgur.com/y3jR6.jpg
  15. We'll need a bit more background to help you out. If you can, post a sample picture as an example of what you're working with. It depends really on what you're trying to achieve, but off the top of my head, these would be effects to try: Noise removal Soften Portrait Basic Adjustments Sharpen+ Shadow/Highlight Recovery (similar to Basic Adjustements) Red Eye Removal / Quick Fix Everything in 'Adjustements' drop down.
  16. My computer is located in a dark basement. At night, the screen's the only lightsource around, and flies love to gather on it. Now my screen is covered in fly blood. My question is, does the flies' blood not appearing in my screenshots prove those are vampire flies?
  17. hey people! Sorry the competition's delay is in part my own, I've also been quite busy! I have to say, I'm happy to see the response to the theme is as of yet enthusiastic, it was probably one of the toughest decision of my life! I'm really looking forward to seeing your entries, and good luck to all. Also I would like to point out that this competition should be fair(er) because chrisco denied my request to have the votes rigged in favour of the first user to submit a picture of a shrubbery.
  18. no no, it's very good, thank you. I just came back from work so I couldn't answer so fast, but my main concern is helping out, which it seems has been accomplished here!
  19. aww, thank you people! I hereby announce the next topic to be..... leaves
  20. here is my entry: Normal Tile Flower Pattern With pineapples In Action: 100% pdn.
  21. hah, but 2000px squared down to 500px squared probably explains why it's not so noisy-looking anymore Good result anyway, do you mind linking to the original size?
  22. I'm not really bothered myself, but not everyone might want to see that picture, perhaps you would like to link it with a warning instead?
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