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  1. marriage is foreplay. I never said that, if Rick's wondering. oh, and you ABSOLUTELY HAVE to buy it this terrific awesomeness-itself shirt: oh, it's such a lovely classic 8)
  2. ^I have not, and frankly it looks SO repetitive. A rip-off of Assassin's Creed with bad combat, tell if i'm wrong but it seriously looks awful. And I don't believe Microsoft could ever do anything truly good, paintdotnet it's sole exception, and even there as far as I know it's not under microsoft's supervision anymore.
  3. oh, mmh, rasengan, sorry about that but I realised I came back from school and did not update the web page again. So it's back to Namiyoshi's kryptonite picture. [nice picture though )
  4. David, I'll give you $10 if you name your baby (he's incoming, I can feel it.) Humungeous Pineappleus. please! fine $10 and an e-cookie
  5. simon, the hide tag does prevent the image from being loaded. At least in Opera it does. When click on the hide tag I can see the loading bar downloading the image.
  6. i was tempted to say fix with ducttape, but i'll go with replacing it with a better suit.... with WINGS! TADATATAAA
  7. line of duty seems like a fair guess. that or combat / action, but that would just be TOO obvious 8)
  8. oh, soul, I'm sorry, I hadn't realized either. It is very nice, as pophiri said the shadows are well done, it's pretty much a perfect kirby, however I'm not quite sure just how realistic kirby is, but hey he's very nice nonetheless! and your welcome pophiri, I especially like the bubble ring!
  9. ooooooooh! *drools* that's one of the coolest image I've seen in paintdotnet. I nominated for the Pictorium gallery
  10. Ok thanks. What to you think would look better? And is the color palette any good? Thanks! ah, sorry for not responding I hadn't checked this in a while I'd go for a dark texture, something like this: http://www.spiralgraphics.biz/packs/cry ... m?3#anchor although with a distorted grid-like feature. the colour palette is nice, but it didn't stand out as it should have on the previous background. and oma, that's very nice, the four "bubbles" give it a nice touch. Only critism is that it does look very stretched by places, and as with a lot of abstracts, it's a little too symmetric, even with the different colour lines.
  11. that is true, but then it doesn't make quite a big difference. You should try changing to a win98 theme if you're ready to, it makes a larger difference on the ram usage.
  12. ^true. I probably won't be seeing it either, I'm not a fan of star trek, and i'd have to watch the whole series before watching the movie, which i don't have the time for. Perhaps this summer I will. v thinks "k"s make everything much kooler.
  13. aww, you quoted me! I'm going to blush :oops:
  14. happy birthday sozo, may the power of the allmighty pineapple be confered to you by this time of great rejouissances (?), etc. etc. but yeah happy birthday!
  15. very true, and when does a pizza ever have ketchup? tpbm knows the answer.
  16. Wohooo hold on a second! unbuntu = sheer awesomeness. edubuntu = well... i never tried it, but probably sheer awfulness. that said, I give it a week before someone finds out how to format it or at least unblock it. for all I know, booting on a simple live CD might just do the job (i sense backtrack CDs) and then format it to whatever you'd like.
  17. ^Agrees that Myxomatosis is one hell of a bloody great song, and from their best album, too. but We Suck Young Blood beats it. v should go to sleep instead of hanging here.
  18. horse meat: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e ... enezia.jpg (it's a little big, so i'll simply link it, I don't want to resize and everything)
  19. contain :arrow: seal (container, sealing..)
  20. hey, it's nice, but try feathering (using the "true feather" option, always), the "guy with a soccer ball" that alone should do a major difference. Also, try running an artistic effect on the background, it should help everything fit together more.
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