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  1. Nice tut! It's not really "thermal" but close enough
  2. Just two suggestions First off, .ico support! PLEASE! It's bad that I have to render up an icon in a .png or .gif and then use a separate application to change it to a .ico for Windows icon use. (Even Vista doesn't support .png- which was a HUGE HUGE mistake by M$ btw.) So .ico format support would be awesome Next, the Magnetic Lasso. I guess it first appeared in Photoshop- but it's great help! You basically hover your cursor over what you want to cut out, and it detects the different colors around that proximity and cuts that out- and when you get all the way around the object, you simply let go and it'll connect it all for you so you can work with what you've just cut out. This would be a sweet tool IMO :wink: But .ico support is my greatest concern :!:
  3. yaay, it worked! thanks bro, now I can continue to <333 PdN.
  4. Obviously, you've filled up your hard drive! congrats. Make sure though. Go Start > My Computer and hover over your C:/ drive (you may need to click on it once). A tooltip will appear with free space, and used space. If everything is used up, uninstall, delete, or completely reformat. (Which is what I do when i get down to ~5GB free space left). If there is free space left over, enough to work easily with, then it could be a problem with the hard drive itself, or it's file system (NTFS / FAT / etc...).
  5. Well it just started happening today, any other time it works fine. My specs... P4 CPU, 2.8GHz stock 512MB PC2700 RAM ATi X1300 and PdN v3.10
  6. well it just started about 15 minutes ago, no changes made.
  7. Well I open up PdN, as normal, and make a picture. Okay, so I don't like that picture. I click File > New and my cursor goes into full thinking mode. Okay, no prob. But it stays like that forever and basically freezes PdN :? And I have to shut the thing down through task manager (and then the 'End Now' windows come up, and then the 'Send Error Report' window comes up, etc... you know the drill). Any light on this? :?
  8. http://www.interfacelift.com Or even making your own is more fun I think. most of those are photos, not abstract images
  9. ive done this before, when I had two monitors I had to put together two wallpapers into one image. get the resolution of the first image, and multiply the width by two. So if the first image was 1024x768, then you'd create the new image as 2048x768. Now, open windows explorer and find the image, drag it into Paint.NET and select "Add into Layers". This is your first image. Now, find your second image and drag it in too. Also select "Add into Layers" again. Now meet up the sides and save. hope its clear enough lol
  10. well, if you click the scroll-wheel, most browsers should pop up a little scrolly-circle-thing, and then just move your cursor around that to scroll on any direction. up, down, left, right, diagonal. I know that the Safari for Windows BETA doesn't offer this, because it's an Apple brand product (originally for the Apple Mighty Mouse) Next time I'll be sure to trim down the pics If your monitor runs on a res higher than 1024x768, then it should look fine.
  11. wow keith! that does look nice 8) very sexy. ^^ and this guy above me is LOL i'd buy a mouse like that too
  12. worked great! nice, easy tutorial... good job!
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