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  1. i'm more of a pineapple, actually. tpbm is too tired to go sleep.
  2. welcome forty-two, m2009, intel and all others! @silverlight I recon it's already in the rules, probably close to the NO CAPS rule.. look it up.
  3. it's pretty cool intel, my suggestion is to change the background to something more orignal though, clouds are always used t much...
  4. wrong, I eat lots of fruits, but i can't resist candies. chocolate is worst, and ice cream is uber-dominating me. and rockbox is an alternative, open-source firmware. check it out www.rockbox.org TPBM uses xfire.
  5. blah! 0.244 all those years playing video games for nothing... I blame the ping
  6. I am a console hater 8) well not hater, I just can't afford to waste *cough cough* money on one. I much prefer PCs TPBM installed Rockbox on his mp3 player (if one has a mp3 player..)
  7. no it's not so bad, it can wait a few minutes still. TPBM is considering a career in informatics.
  8. I totally agree about that pyro. it's why i want to go live in germany or finland, finland would be nice. Or anywhere in north europe, come to think of it. but then australia's kinda nice, and new zealand feels more intimate, it'd be cool...
  9. the cake was FAKE! PINEY ANGRY! PINEY SMAAAASH cubes!
  10. be back soon, you wouldn't want to have too much exposure to the sun, it's pure evil skin cancer. our blueish screen-tan is much nicer anyway.
  11. Only two or three mistakes, that's amazing, not every french can achieve that Although, what's the last verb called? S'appeler? it's pretty weird, you'd usually use passé composé (simple past) or the regular present form. it'd give something like this: J'ai appelé, Tu as appelé, Il a appelé, Nous avons appelé, Vous avez appelé, Ils ont appelé -> I called, you called, he called, we called, you called, they called Litteraly though it's I have called, You have called, He has called etc. or the present form witch is simply J'appelle, Tu appeles, Il appele, Nous appelons, Vous appellez, Ils appelent ->I call, You call, He calls, etc. Can also mean -> I am calling, He is calling, We are calling... but really, simplest way is not to learn french at all. It's WAAAY overly complicated, I've been talking it for 15 years and I still make frequent mistakes, I've been talking english for three or four years and I'm disappointed by three mistakes in a thousand word composition.
  12. why does everyone who isnt australian say that? ive only ever seen 4 kangaroos wild. hah, no worries, i am aware of that! And honestly, I doubt there's so many persons who think so. ^Indeed, I should. v has already been in Canada / Lives there.
  13. ^wants to buy more videogames v already has a decent job
  14. ^ has to fight kangarous to get past his front door < would love to be australian v prefers kiwis
  15. true, I shall not be overpowered by the ecos! TPBM has a queen's face on his dollar.
  16. hah, I just bought the Battles album monday, it's VERY good! it is weird vocal-side, but it's not THAT weird either, it's mostly a mix of the bizarre time-signature and vocal blending, but it's done very artistically, so once you're used to it it fits perfectly.
  17. negative, cantaloupes are inferior to pineapples. we should port this to the off topic. or even a spam thread, for all this is worth 8)
  18. hey! the frog is truly proud and noble animal! just like the beaver...
  19. hah, I know, they all sound like such great bands! Will be attending Tuchman concert 2nd april they're in montreal part of their N.A. tour. So excited 8)
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