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  1. bloody nice! I very much like it, am curious as to how you got the scaly circle?
  2. http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/1977/spe ... julie3.jpg hehe, no problem, you've been very useful, great critisms and suggestions, and thanks a lot for all your wonderful help!
  3. http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/7416/s ... julie2.jpg alright, I'm about satisfied with it, all I need now is something to fill the space to the left of the location and all...
  4. Band Name: H.A.C. Album Name: Money is Handy Track Names: 1. When they were shot 2. It's really important 3. Portraits by Picasso 4. Let them have it 5. What matters is whether I win or lose 6. They must lead 7. Old fools 8. Our frail and feeble mind 9. The last two chapters 10. Life is revealed haaa! I like this game!
  5. heh, Torngat is the main band, we're playing the first part. I'm working on the poster ATM., according to your suggestions. Will post the result very soon. and, torn cat. that's pretty gross
  6. aye, well the shadow is particularly well done, good job! You should post it in the realistic image thread
  7. aye aye everyone! I made this poster for my band (we're From The Basement), we'll be doing the first part of Torngat [linky], along with June Tools, and so I designed this poster to advertise (it's in french, I know ) I would really need critisms, help on making it as appealing as it gets! [staying inside the rules, though] any thoughts?
  8. oi! pip brutaly slashed me to death! I don't wanna play it anymore!
  9. hello! very nice images indeed, the skin around the eye is awesomely made, looks very realistic. Was it 100% Paint.NET?
  10. You were hoping that you'd been using malware-infected plugins? I was hoping to expose you for what you truly are! talented plugin and image maker
  11. wow, you know, it does look pretty realistic, now to focus on turning it into a seamless and very realistic image...
  12. aye, that would be me I really suggest you to buy the album (it's like $10 on itunes.. You Could Be is slightly more pop, La Petite Nicole is more towards psycho.), the songs on myspace aren,t really reflective. Although to fully apreciate, it's defenitively live
  13. ohh, the second one is very nice! even the colours are good!
  14. neg., I'm more of a D&D fan 8) Actually, i never got arround to watching star trek... I'd have to procure the whole DVD box and all, and i've heard I've got 3 days of watching.. a little too much for me...
  15. well, as a former guitarist and now bassist, I personnally prefer bass over guitar since I do not enjoy "soloing". What I like the most in music is strange time signatures, weird rythms, and experimental sounds. I enjoy giving the the punch and base of the music, not improvising. And when I play guitar, it's usually chord experimentation. That said, it depends a lot on the personnality of the musician, I like rythms, others might not.
  16. I just bought the new CD of my music teacher's group, TORNGAT (he's the drummer if you check them live), it's bloody awesome! We'll be playing their first part in June, and I'm SOOO excited already [and that means a new poster will be out in my gallery soon]! AND i'm seeing The Nationnal may 22nd!! you might not have noticed, but i'm bouncing all arround while typing this.
  17. I really like the test thread. And I can't figure out why.
  18. mmh, truly essentials, that would be XFIRE (I swear it's easier to xfire me than phone me) WINAMP Opera Paint.NET 7zip / Uniextract (a lethal combination to get things running on a USB drive. Works with PDN.) other than that, a lot of anti-viruses and stuff, but those are really the ones I couldn't live without.
  19. bah, i still don't believe in Seven, not until it's totally and irrefutably (spelling, I know...) proven it's worthy. mind you, I don't really believe in microsoft at all, I simply wish games supported more platforms.. and so did Paint.NET, curse this extension!
  20. doom -> nuclear (nuclear war doomed the earth! ..well you get the point...)
  21. mmh, as far as I know Windows 7 shouldn't be faster than XP, especially on an old computer. The only real advantage I see to Win7 is directx10 and proper multicores handling. But my computer has neither, so I'm not interested in 7 at all, I'd rather get a quality unattended. and perhaps it simply loads parts of firefox while the computer boots, like it does with IE?
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