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  1. Lost(?) snow effect?

    I don't know what I am doing wrong. This got posted twice, the other posting has the picture. I tried to delete this one but have been unsuccessful. Sorry about that Chief .. .
  2. I did this picture 2 weeks ago. I had PC problems and had to remove PDN along with other programs. I cannot find the effect that created this snow. Can someone point me towards the .dll or whatever I used? I really do miss my mind some days. Pat
  3. I have a photo that is 163. mb and I need it to be smaller. How do I do that? The size, pixels, 5100 by 3000 needs to stay the same. Thanks, Pat
  4. Thanks for all answers. I finally found it. Effects/stylize/radiusfillcorners What new version? I am off to find that. I did not get a notice of an upgrade but thank for the information. Pat
  5. I have the 'radiusFillCorners.dll' in my effects folder. I have used it before. However, I cannot find it in 'effects.' Is there a search available for items in 'effects?' Where can I find the 'radiusFillCorners' in 'Effects?'
  6. Thank you, it works now. Pat
  7. I have some intricate mandalas that I carefully create transparencies in. Sometimes the transparency carries through to the layer and sometimes it gives me white areas where I had done the Magic Wand to create transparencies. I cannot determine why some work and some don't. I am using jpg but have been thinking that I might be better off with png. I need a link to read what png does better than jpg. (I know it is better, but why?) Pat
  8. Thank you!! Thank you❣❣ I knew I would get a simple response and quickly. This is a great program and the users are terrific!!
  9. Thank you!! Thank you❣❣ I knew I would get a simple response and quickly. This is a great program and the users are terrific!! I actually found it in "gradients" with the darker icon.
  10. Just two days ago I created the background with Paint (love it) and have forgotten what I used to make it (I really miss my mind). I keep thinking it was: Effects, Color, Selective Enhancer. The problem is that what I used indicated left corner, right corner, bottom left corner, bottom right corner. Selective Enhancer does not have that. I love Paintdotnet - and the people who have helped me along the way. May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined. Pat
  11. Geeze - Thank you all, I thought I was losing my mind. . . (I do miss my mind some days, but have not totally lost it yet.) I am 73 years young and still learning everyday. I did have an Icon, that I have used for several years, change itself to a different Icon. but that is another story. No other changes were noted at the time.
  12. No, it is just not present. I did not find Plugin Errors in Settings - -
  13. I have been using PDN for a LONG time, probably 10+ years. I have used the Fisheye many times. However, in using Windows 10, 64-byte, - Edition - Windows 10 Home - Version - 1703 - OS Build - 15063.296 I cannot find it in the program. Fisheye is in my dlls, I have re-downloaded it and reinstalled (as of 5/12/17) it to no avail. Anyone have a clue what I am doing wrong? I have searched my 'Effects' including all the subsets. Thank you for any help, Pat
  14. Icons are not showing content

    Thank you so much. I had a significant medical event recently and my memory is not what it once was. I am not comfortable asking easy questions, but it is necessary. I appreciate your complete response. Not everyone is so understanding. Pat
  15. My jpg icons are showing as attached rather than contents. My file associations are correct. I cannot remember how to fix this. Thank you, Pat