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  1. I have used PDN for 10+ years and recommended it to many others. I have even donated multiple times. So sorry to see it not working anymore. I can't find anyone else asking this question, I am unable to figure why I have no Effects anymore. I don't mind paying for it, but losing Effects is disastrous. Very sad, Pat
  2. I had purchased PDN from MS Store and even with the link that was given, I still could not find a place for 'dll' files. Then, MS says there are NO REFUNDS. I did download the freebie program. I am sorry it was not feasible for you to ask for a $5.00 donation rather than give any money to MS. But, if I may, I would vote for you to request the donation and leave any store out of the mixture. I will give you $5 as well. I am off to get my dlls (I had issues with my Dell and they REPLACED my HD.) Ugh. May you be blessed in ways you have not yet im
  3. Thanks so much for the info. I have spent too much time trying to get my 'dll' files into PDN. Best wishes to you and yours, Pat
  4. I don't know what I am doing wrong. This got posted twice, the other posting has the picture. I tried to delete this one but have been unsuccessful. Sorry about that Chief .. .
  5. I did this picture 2 weeks ago. I had PC problems and had to remove PDN along with other programs. I cannot find the effect that created this snow. Can someone point me towards the .dll or whatever I used? I really do miss my mind some days. Pat
  6. I have a photo that is 163. mb and I need it to be smaller. How do I do that? The size, pixels, 5100 by 3000 needs to stay the same. Thanks, Pat
  7. Thanks for all answers. I finally found it. Effects/stylize/radiusfillcorners What new version? I am off to find that. I did not get a notice of an upgrade but thank for the information. Pat
  8. I have the 'radiusFillCorners.dll' in my effects folder. I have used it before. However, I cannot find it in 'effects.' Is there a search available for items in 'effects?' Where can I find the 'radiusFillCorners' in 'Effects?'
  9. I have some intricate mandalas that I carefully create transparencies in. Sometimes the transparency carries through to the layer and sometimes it gives me white areas where I had done the Magic Wand to create transparencies. I cannot determine why some work and some don't. I am using jpg but have been thinking that I might be better off with png. I need a link to read what png does better than jpg. (I know it is better, but why?) Pat
  10. Thank you!! Thank you❣❣ I knew I would get a simple response and quickly. This is a great program and the users are terrific!!
  11. Thank you!! Thank you❣❣ I knew I would get a simple response and quickly. This is a great program and the users are terrific!! I actually found it in "gradients" with the darker icon.
  12. Just two days ago I created the background with Paint (love it) and have forgotten what I used to make it (I really miss my mind). I keep thinking it was: Effects, Color, Selective Enhancer. The problem is that what I used indicated left corner, right corner, bottom left corner, bottom right corner. Selective Enhancer does not have that. I love Paintdotnet - and the people who have helped me along the way. May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined. Pat
  13. Geeze - Thank you all, I thought I was losing my mind. . . (I do miss my mind some days, but have not totally lost it yet.) I am 73 years young and still learning everyday. I did have an Icon, that I have used for several years, change itself to a different Icon. but that is another story. No other changes were noted at the time.
  14. No, it is just not present. I did not find Plugin Errors in Settings - -
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