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  1. Thank you for invert-tool. Still wonder how to have many areas selected simultaneously before applying an effect.
  2. For example if i want to apply an effect (blacknwhite, blurs, saturation etc) outside some small lasso selected areas, it would be easier to just select the areas first and then press a button to activate 'apply outside selection/s' that makes effects only apply outside the selected areas, instead of having to do it one by one by putting them on another layer.
  3. After i cut and paste back in the selected part a white margin around the cut points appears, doesn't happen with rectangular select.
  4. It's this image, the finish makes the wood looks better, so I would like some similar enhance-filter applied to images which doesn't decrease image quality (look grainy or whatever).
  5. Yes I did. The blur edge effect does work very subtly but far from enough. I want the effect of the saturation to apply like a gradient from nothing at the outer edge to full saturation a little bit inwards.
  6. I tested it and it is not what I look for.
  7. I want to lasso select a part of an image and increase its saturation with soft saturated outer line but the outer line of the saturated part become too distinct compared to the rest of the unsaturated image. I tried blur selection edge and feather but they don't do it. Blur didn't make a difference and feather just deletes the outer line of the selected image which makes application of saturation on it impossible. How can I do it the right way?
  8. Water Reflection (ymd:100725) is not right, it just looked wavy but not reflective and I don't want waves. Download link for Wet Floor Reflection plugin (ymd:100725) didn't work so I couldn't test it but I doubt it will be the right one. Firstly I want a wet skin-filter (with metal color/'gold coin look' option to make entire photo or objects in the photo, e.g. trees, people, buildings, look cast in metal in any one color). Maybe it's a gloss-filter. Secondly I want a wood finish-filter. The reason for why I want this is that printed images on non-glossy paper looks more vibrant and high quality when I put transparent Scotch tape on them, they resemble printed images on quality glossy paper looked at from an angle which does not reflect glaring light into the eyes.
  9. Still not gonna do this? It's 2021. Firefox and Google Chrome auto-names the files when saving so isn't it easy to just copy the code and call it "Auto-name save all"?
  10. I would like wet-surface filter which makes the entire picture look wet or moist with a degree control
  11. When zooming a picture with TR's Dodge it scales the picture up very well without jigsaw lines (I then take a PrtSc of it), what scaling filter is it using? I have tried many filters in the plugin G'MIC-QT but didn't find anyone that came even close to doing this like TR's Dodge. Update: Resizing with Paint.net makes even less jigsaw lines (not zooming though). A photo viewer called ImageGlass was zooming with jigsaw lines (I think it uses Nearest Neighbor), so I was looking for a better zoomer. But when resizing up with Best Quality, I think it is same as Bicubic, a 100x100px image to 1000x1000 it still has some jigsaw lines. So I wonder if there is any resize plugin or filter in general which is even better than the regular ones in the list of resampling, perhaps non-seperable Lanczos interpolation or Lagrange resampling (hopefully Paint.net will incorporate it then)? Or sinc filter which this paper says is the best but DFT has pixel-ripples so it would be better with DCT: http://www.ijircce.com/upload/2014/december/27_A_Review.pdf Image expert Nicolas says, besides sinc/jinc filter (these require extra cpu-calculation power), Mitchell filter is the best for enlarging images (better than bilinear, bicubic, etc), the other filters are good for shrinking images, "For enlarging images 'Mitchell' is probably about the best filter you can use, while basically any of the Windowed Filters (default is 'Lanczos') are good for shrinking images: https://legacy.imagemagick.org/Usage/filter/ Maybe Mitchell filter is not the best?:
  12. I want color picker or good alternative for using Luminosity etc, what to do meanwhile? ctrl+y doesn't work.
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