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  1. You can use IrfanView to do the resizing. I am not sure if there is a way to use that program to smooth the edges or not. It hasn't been added to Paint.NET natively because it's not a priority for the developer. Not that he doesn't think anyone will need it, but (I think) because it doesn't fit with his vision for the program.
  2. Paint.NET does not have native support for batch processing. There was a plugin available, but it hasn't been updated for 4.0. What effect do you need to apply? You might try IrfanView, which does do batch processing.
  3. Moving to Troubleshooting. PdN 4.0.9 works fine on Windows 10; people in the Troubleshooting forum should be able to help you out.
  4. Split out from http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/107595-measurement-ruler-on-image-um-units . Very true. I've always thought of Metric (SI) as being better for scientific pursuits, but Imperial as better for daily life. For instance, Fahrenheit is pretty well calibrated to a human being's survivability range (0° being an average temperature for the coldest areas humans tend to habitate, 100° being an average temperature for the warmest). Similarly, the foot is an easy measure of distance for a human to approximate (since an adult human's foot is within a reasonable approximation of one foot long), and a mile is about the average distance a human eye can effectively distinguish objects. A pound is about the weight of your hand, which makes it easy to approximate, and a second (which the SI uses as well) is a good approximation at the time it takes for a human to perform a complete action (about 0.25s to register and interpret a visual signal, another 0.25s to formulate a response, and about 0.5s for your body to complete the motion). It's not even close to perfect, for sure, but it doesn't have to be. Imperial is for life. SI is for science.
  5. You can keep the , but I'll happily take the , , and . Well done, though. Seriously, keep this up and it definitely won't be your last.
  6. Pinned. This is one of the best results I've seen in ages.
  7. Tons of new features, and more coming soon. Plus, we can't provide any support on the forum for older versions of the program.
  8. I don't know, it's on pretty thin ice. :-) Thanks, everybody! I had a great day with my wife and toddler at the science museum. That sounds really geeky. Heck, own it, right?
  9. Sorry, this is not a place to look for employees or paid/free work. Please read the rules. Locked
  10. All right, everybody. Let's stay on topic here.
  11. My Wifi (and sometimes my USB controller) doesn't work when I upgrade to Win10. Had to roll back to 7.
  12. If you're installing on Google Chrome, the download manager should show you a button at the bottom-left of the screen that says "paint.net.4.0.9.install.zip". Click the arrow on the right of that button and hit "Show in folder". It will open the folder it's been saved to and highlight the ZIP file.
  13. You can upload images to the forum by clicking the "More Reply Options" button below, then attaching a file using the "Choose File" button. :-)
  14. Have you given the System Restore function a try?
  15. Gonna give people a seizure like that! Maybe try a 4-frame animation: 100%, 75%, 50%, 75% transparency. Much easier on the eyes.
  16. MJW earns his second spot with this great tutorial on making a Star Wars hologram effect! Check it out, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.
  17. Mini-Tut #14 Star Wars Hologram Effect by MJW, in response to PhantomFury Original thread: Star Wars Hologram Filter Original post: 512506
  18. Full disclosure: I work for one of SAP's competitors. But is using that program a requirement? Is there not a web-based application that you can use?
  19. Lucky number 13! Cc4FH has a great roundup of clean cutouts. Essential tutorial! This clears out the backlog, as far as I can see! Please keep submitting mini-tuts to add! Thank you! Exclamation points!!!!!
  20. Mini-Tut #13 Clean Cutouts by Cc4FuzzyHuggles, in response to Carrito Original thread: Change the background step by step to a portrait Original post: 434564
  21. MJW told us about making a clear text overlay. Have a look!
  22. Mini-Tut #12 Clear Text Overlay by MJW, in response to Mac123 Original thread: Text Original post: 426406
  23. TechnoRobbo's got a great way of recoloring stuff in photos. Check it out!
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