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  1. I switched operating systems because I didn't want to support microsoft's windows 10 <No cursing.> anymore. I don't see why paint.net couldn't be made cross platform and native. It couldn't be partially rewritten to use something like xwt or eto forms It would be a good step in the right direction and it would still look the same on windows
  2. Can we get a GTK build of this for linux? I come from windows and actually used this as my main image editing program. However now I'm on zorin os 15.3 and would like to see a port of this that matches the linux desktop. There are other alternatives but nothing as stable, easy to use, and powerful as paint.net
  3. does anybody know how to get the palette plugin working for the latest version of paint.net?
  4. umm is there an updated version of Curtis' Selective Palette plugin for the most recent version of paint.net? the one I downloaded doesn't work
  5. can someone point me to a plugin that would make reflective surface texture out of nothing? I searched in the bar but it seems I can't find one. something like this but more flat
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