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  1. MODERATOR'S NOTE: This plugin may not be compatible with Paint.NET 4.0+. Download - Please donate even $5 if this helps you - it took me about 10-14 hours to complete, and saved me 1 hr manually processing my 154 images... $USD $ GBP £ EUR € JPY ¥ CAD $ AUD $ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It bothered me that I couldn't automate the AutoLevel Effect on a folder full of pictures, so I spent the weekend and created a solution. I'm sure the future version of PDN will include such a batch automation feature, but I couldn't wait. So here it is. It leverage's pyrochild's ScriptLab plugin to actually apply a consistent set of plugins on each file, so make sure that's installed first. You will need to create your scripts inside PDN as usual with just the ScriptLab plugin. (The pyrochild plugin pack has a few dlls, you only technically need the ScriptLab.dll [copied into the Effects folder], but I'm sure you would copy them all) This Batch Process Automater, iterates through a given folder and then applies the ScriptLab plugin and therefore in turn, one or more effects. The plugin is open-source, so feel free to fork it - Instructions: 1. Create a ScriptLab Script of the effects you want to apply. Simply open PDN, Go to Effects > Advanced > ScriptLab, and do what you have to do, before clicking Save and then cancelling out of the dialog box. 2. Close PDN 3. Open BatchProcessAutomater.exe 4. Specify the Source and Output folders, these will default to your Pictures folder for your profile. 5. Specify the ScriptLab Script to run on each file. 6. Click Run You will then see Paint.Net open, and each file will be opened one at a time with effects being applied and the updated file saved. I could hide Paint.Net, but decided to keep it visible, you can then see the outcome and perhaps make notes as the system processes through the files. You can of course modify the Search filter which defaults to *.jpg, but at the moment the system will only save as JPG at 100 percent quality. Plenty of opportunity for improvement in the future. But I won't make any changes for a few weeks - feel free to ask for improvements or better still, send me patches to apply to the open source code base. The next change, if any, will be the ability to supply these parameters via command line arguments, this would be quite trivial to accomplish, the Form calls a static function on the class Automation, with the parameters. Command line input would be as simple as enumerating the arguments and passing them as parameters to this same function (although this should be done from the Form load event, as the main thread needs to be running for the function to work). Anyone want to give it a go? Try and help me on the open source code? I see opportunities for enabling the automation ofcanvas resizing image resizing (although you can use the rotate/zoom plugin) layer creation region copying (from source layer, to destination layer plus position) text generation I'm in no hurry though, and lets see what the new version of PDN will bring.