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  1. The "Copy Merged" function seems like a step in the right direction, that underpins future enhancements. 1. Copy Merged, for now 2. File -> Export - would show a Export As file dialog, the [Copy Merged] function would be able to copy to a virtual file-tab in the background, and save to the Export As location, then close the virtual file-tab.
  2. I agree with an "Export to file..." feature, that's a common feature in image editing software.
  3. While it's certainly possible to workaround the lack of an "export" behaving function, I believe there is strong merit to add this feature. It's a very common feature found in rastered image editing software (for good reason) There are clear use cases where such a feature is preferred - such as frames in animation. Another one is for quick review - I personally do a lot of work with web, where I'm adjusting dimensions, and rapidly testing 4-7 times in my web browser inside a web site or web app. "Export" is what users intend: save a copy, then continue on the current "file" a
  4. I think OP was about "selection" of layers. This is a transient operation. I actually needed something like this today. Initially, this could be limited only to moving the whole layer only (not pixel selections within the selected layers). This doesn't mean I think it's easy to code, but the clarification of the problem and requirements for implementation might reveal an easier implementation path.
  5. I wasn't trying to colour-correct, I was trying to stylise. In this case I accomplished a monochrome filter to make the colourful photo fit in with a convervative colour palette in my web app. If there are optimised "manual" ways to do this in Paint .Net, I'm always happy to learn. The closest description of the feature I propose would be "Instagram Filters". Or perhaps something you can playwith easily - https://photomania.net/editor The appropriateness to directly include this into Paint .Net would be a subjective decision: NO - because it's already possible wit
  6. I would like to be able to apply a range of pre-defined colour filters onto existing photos. Photo colouring seems to be an elusive art, that could be made more accessible by direct photo colour filtering tools within Paint .Net. It might just be a matter of mastering levels, but I would prefer a more intuitive approach. See my tutorial below. It would be handy to enter one or two colours to recolour a photo. This feature would need a lot more input from graphic artists to gather a full compliment of requirements, but I think this would be a feature for the masses. Ther
  7. I got a stock image for a website. I tried putting it in directly as is, but it didn't work. Although the gold/yellows are complimentary to the blues I have in the site, there was too much yellow. I decided to try and colour filter the image so that it would blend in a bit nicer. see Tutorial.jpg - You can see the original [1], the mask layer [2], and the final result [3]. It's quite a simple process: Find out the HSV values of your chosen colour by entering the HEX into the Paint .Net colour picker. My colour was #183C5E, and the HSV was 209, 74, 36
  8. MODERATOR'S NOTE: This plugin may not be compatible with Paint.NET 4.0+. Download - http://alivate.com.au/BatchProcessAutomater.zip Please donate even $5 if this helps you - it took me about 10-14 hours to complete, and saved me 1 hr manually processing my 154 images... $USD $ GBP £ EUR € JPY ¥ CAD $ AUD $ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It bothered me that I couldn't automate the AutoLevel Effect on a folder full of pictures, so I spent the weekend and created a solution. I'm
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