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  1. EER hits the mini-tuts page for the first time with a beautiful method for making lines thicker, which looks uncannily like a finger-paint effect!
  2. Mini-Tut #17 Fingerpaint Effect by Ego Eram Reputo, in response to oldzort Original thread: increase thickness in line drawings Original post: 516392
  3. Since it's been three years, and this is not a racing forum, I doubt you'll get an answer.
  4. Moved to Troubleshooting by request (http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/108495-two-zero-alpha-aeras-are-treated-separately/).
  5. Meh. I have Ubuntu on the other partition of the computer I'm typing on right now, and I never boot into it. Like, ever. I think the last time was ten or eleven months ago. I think Linux is a fine OS, but since Windows already does everything I want it to anyway, why bother switching?
  6. SP1 was just installed today, according to your screenshot. Check again and see if PdN will install.
  7. You're one heck of a risk-taker. Yeesh. I wouldn't dare to risk that.
  8. Couple of things. 1. I don't know why you're having any issues pasting content here. I do it literally every day. Are you sure you have the cursor in the right spot? 2. Please reply to posts, don't just edit your original after others have replied. Otherwise we are unlikely to see that anything has changed. 3. Eli misunderstood and it trying to help you with the Paint.NET program itself, not the forum. 4. Why on earth are you still using Windows XP? It's been about two years since Microsoft discontinued support for the OS. You're really just begging to have your computer taken over and made part of a botnet, or have your personal information stolen. Please upgrade as soon as possible.
  9. It will probably show you all of the available characters, but as far as I know not all of the available variants or ligatures. But I could be wrong. Still, if you find what you need in character map, go for it!
  10. No problem! Glad you're getting things sorted out. Incidentally, I don't know of a way to edit EXIF within Paint.NET, but there are tools available on the internet that can.
  11. Thanks. I've reported him to YouTube as a scam.
  12. Ah, I see. Well, my conclusion was incorrect, but everything else still holds. DPI is a farce (most computers display an image at 96DPI regardless of the image's stated resolution), and OptiPNG is a better idea than JPG.
  13. To make it even quicker, if you want a solid color, you can choose a color as secondary and Paint.NET will fill the new area with that color on the "background" layer.
  14. Please note that BoltBait's suggestion doesn't include filetype plugins.
  15. That sort of font is really only worthwhile in massively expensive, professional-level typesetting and publishing platforms, which isn't quite what Paint.NET is trying to be. Adobe InDesign might give you better results, but even that is questionable. Long story short, the site may not be lying to you, you might just not have all the tech required to really see everything fully. Or it could be lying to you. :-)
  16. Actually, the author got no rep points because this plugin was posted back when we were still on forum software that didn't have any rep points. :-)
  17. You're correct, Paint.NET does not have pen sensitivity. Not yet, at least. It's on the feature request list. I don't know if hardness would do anything, but it's worth a shot; hardware acceleration might help. But from what I'm seeing, it looks like the refresh rate of the tablet is just slower than you're moving, so as you come across to make the crossbars on the Ts, it checks and sees that your stylus is down (at the top of the T), and when it checks again your stylus is already down to make the crossbar, so it doesn't recognize that you've lifted the pen from the surface. This doesn't explain why it works better on Paint, but one problem at a time. A way to test this is to draw the same shape very slowly and then very quickly. If the artifact shows up while you're moving quickly but not slowly, the refresh rate is likely the problem. Can you turn up the refresh rate on your tablet? (might be called "sensitivity")
  18. DPI is actually mostly a shell game as far as computers are concerned, unless you're planning on printing anything. My guess is that Windows is doing the calculations differently on the JPG than on the BMP, but if your file still has the proper dimensions, it should be unchanged. One thing to note is that JPG is a lossy file format; I'd recommend PNG if possible. If you get a good PNG compression plugin (like OptiPNG), it'll be smaller than a JPG anyway while maintaining source quality. Hope that helps!
  19. The Paint.NET forum is hosted and supported by IPB. Rick or someone else would have to answer whether or not our contract includes that sort of support.
  20. IRON67: I'm not sure if we have that sort of control over the forum or not, but that's a great idea. Definitely worth looking into. And thanks for keeping track of some stats about the spam. --- Since you brought it up, this is a good time for an update: Yes, spam has been increasing recently. Sorry about that. We're trying to keep a handle on it, and we're recording more information with each ban that we can hopefully use to lock spam out completely. Thanks again for all of your patience and support here. Keep bearing with us. And, it goes without saying: don't call the phone numbers or click the links that they post.
  21. I saw a quote by JJ Abrams about Star Wars Episode VII and posted a thread on Reddit about it. It, uh...kind of blew up. (Warning: it's Reddit, so there will be some language and cynicism there.)
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