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  1. This really isn't a forum to get people to work for you (note rule 23); some people might throw something together for you out of the goodness of their heart or their own interest, but once you start making requests like this you're toeing the line. We're all volunteers here, and we're not really in this to do your bidding. Why can't you make the change yourself?
  2. Splitting this topic out to its own thread since it's not technically about PdN 4.0.9.
  3. Hello, aukemerle0422. Have you tried selecting the eyedropper tool :PaintDotNet.Icons.ColorPickerTo and using it on the offending blocks to see what their actual color is? If they are showing as pure white or pure transparent in Paint.NET, then I'm afraid the problem is probably with your printer or with Excel.
  4. Interesting. I got rid of the ones in the GDQ forum. I bet it has something to do with the forum migration a few years ago.
  5. Please ask this question in the thread for the plugin; the plugin author is more likely to see it there. Thank you. Thread locked
  6. It is most certainly not EOD. I'm taking this conversation to PM.
  7. It would make sense to search for "edit image by color" for this question. That search term doesn't bring up any helpful results. Either way, please be a little kinder to new users. Your response, though probably unintentional, could be seen as rude.
  8. Yeah, IRON, searching by the thread title doesn't yield any helpful results. Your second response was much more useful. Welcome to the forum, Donal!
  9. Yes, but you have to have added that text with the plugin in the first place. And it needs to be on its own layer.
  10. They might be, I've never tried them. They were $150, and $500 before that, and people bought them like crazy, so there must be something there.
  11. I think he knows. He built the program. Red Ochre's reply is correct. PDN if there are layers, PNG if not.
  12. Cc4FH's excellent description of different erasing methods nets her a fourth spot on the Mini-Tuts thread!
  13. Mini-Tut #16 Erasing Basics by Cc4FuzzyHuggles, in response to MisterMan505 Original thread: Eraser Original post: 514169
  14. Usually they're not made low-poly, they're built that way in a 3D image editor. I don't know of an easy way to do it in Paint.NET, though maybe a plugin could be built to do it.
  15. I think it's actually the same, and an optical illusion that it appears bigger at the end. Trail is a good suggestion, but I think the original specimen appears to be using the layer duplication method I detailed.
  16. 1. Select the layer with your text on it and click "Layers > Rotate/Zoom..." or press Ctrl+Shift+Z. 2. Play around with the "ball" and get a rotation you like. Hit OK. 3. Duplicate your layer. :DuplicateLayer: 4. Select the bottom layer and press Ctrl+A to select the whole layer. 5. Select the "Move Pixels" tool. 6. Press the arrow key on your keyboard to the right a few times, until you can see the shadow clearly. 7. Click "Adjustments > Hue/Saturation" and turn down Saturation and Brightness until you like the color of the shadow. 8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to tweak the way it looks. 9. Make sure you save the file as a .PDN before exporting it as a .PNG or .JPG so that you can make edits to the original later if needed! If you need help with any of those steps, feel free to ask!
  17. I don't know how helpful we'd be in finding actual resources. If you're looking for help with specific procedures (aging the image and that sort of thing) I think we may be able to point you in the right direction, but we're really a forum about the program Paint.NET, not a general image editing forum. Someone else might prove me wrong, though. What are you trying to do? Do you have an example of the result you're looking to replicate?
  18. But not more convenient to have to recreate a lossless image from scratch because you accidentally forgot to change from the default.
  19. Woah! A rare MadJik sighting! Remember this moment, folks, and tell your grandkids all about the day you saw MadJik post on the forum.
  20. Feel free! Please just link back to the first page of the tutorial. I'll even be happy to help if you have any questions about it!
  21. I think I understood your request. Unfortunately, the plugin cannot access those functions.
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