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  1. Thank you for being clear that it's about something else. I just wanna use it for creating games (I usually work with Unreal Engine). Of course I can work around it, but when you have to repeat steps with multiple layers, it becomes annoying. I'm not a leader of a team so don't know what it is like to decide which changes will and will not come in the final product. I can't provide screenshots why I want it, it just seems logical, it works both ways. I also want to apologize if it seems like I'm in a hurry, you have probably a lot more on your shoulders. Th
  2. Sorry for the Necrobump, but when I compare technical aspects to time, I just see an image editor that's to stubborn (aren't we all stubborn sometimes) to add a usual average blend mode. Designing a file format that has no room for renewing seems like a dead end (but if selected blend mode reverts to normal while saving to pdn, that problem is already solved). Can't see what's weird about an average blending mode. Should I stop hoping for this? Thank you for your reading, have a nice day!
  3. Dear Community of the Paint.NET Forums, Thank you very much for replying to me😊. Eram, I really like the plugin for what it does, but it doesn't work the same, thus slows the progress a bit down if you have to use very much. Trevor, I understand that, since I also use old Windows in Virtual Machine and respect there are some issues, but I'm happy thet opening new files with old pograms doesn't crash and i need it mainly for merging layers, however, u can always call it an experimental feature because supporting it is a little standard. Reptillian
  4. Dear Community of the Paint.Net Forums, I really like the new updates, but there is still one issue concerning me. The Average Blend Mode still hasn't been implemented yet, it's so obvious, still it isn't there yet. I really respect the time of progress, but this is a standard thing. I don't care about the rounding of the values. This is so easy in my head, so please do this. Thank you for your time and interest, I look forward to your answer. Sincerely, Kevin Crans
  5. Dear Zagna, This is a bug that I also saw using a notebook pointing stick, on 100% zoomed in of course. (Also when go in windows 10 to settings>easy_of_access>interaction>mouse and turn on mouse keys, now I think of it) But I meant holding the left mouse-click and then holding the down key and then holding the right key at the same time with the pencil. This draws a horizontal line first and then a vertical line instead of a line diagonally right-down, this also happens without clicking with hovering.
  6. Dear Paint.Net, When I try to use the arrow keys to draw a diagonal, it just goes straight to the direction of the latest key pressed. Since with free mouse drawing, you can also draw diagonally without triggering the pixels around it, so it should also be possible with the arrow keys, so I see this as a bug. Tank you for listening! Sincerely, Kevin Crans
  7. Dear Trevor, Thanks for the tip! Taking it from the clipboard is actually a really good feature, but I'm not planning to merge it yet, first I'd like to save it as a pdn, and have Average selected in the Blending Mode as preview, so I have later the possibility to add layers and then decide which I wanna blend first, but it does what I needed and I'm happy with that for now. But some of these blending modes especially Average are essential, especially with the fact that there are already so many options in the Blending Mode menu makes it worth waiting for, so that makes t
  8. Hello guys, Thank you for your responses! I have previously already seen this plugin, the plugin uses a different menu, but according to your recommendations I'll sure give it a try. It's nice to know that there's a chance the feature will be implemented in the future, so thanks for giving an update about that. For now, I hope this Plug-In will do the job. Have a nice day. Sincerely, Kevin Crans
  9. Creating minecraft resource packs.?

  10. Dear reader, My name is Kevin Crans and I would like to merge 2 layers down based of the average between the two. Apart from the whole variety of Blending Modes in the Layer Properties, it looks like Average is not included while it would become really useful if it was. You see, when you take the average of 2 layers and merge them by average, it doesn't matter which is on top, so you don't have to worry about that. The Formula would be:"((red of layer a + 1)+(red of layer b + 1))/ 2 - 1", and so for green, blue and alpha (and also for the opacity of the layer proper
  11. Hello toe_head2001, Thanks for your response! When I click install it doesn't find it, when I click remove it asks for a class-id. I don't know what that is and where I can find it since the program is not installed. Do you know where I can find it because googling didn't help that much?
  12. I have problems while installing the newest version of paint.net and get the error 1603, and none of the solutions I found on the community worked for me. Some things that may be important: I see that an older version is still installed in the control panel, while it doesnt appear in the program files-folder , but it wont uninstall because it says:"There is a problem with this Windows Installer package.". I tried reinstalling Microsoft .Net framework but it displays that it or a newer version is already installed, but it is not. Does someone
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