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  1. error 1603 during installation.

    Hello toe_head2001, Thanks for your response! When I click install it doesn't find it, when I click remove it asks for a class-id. I dont know what that is and where I can find it since the program is not installed. Do you know where I can find it because googling din't help that much?
  2. I have problems while installing the newest version of and get the error 1603, and none of the solutions I found on the community worked for me. Some things that may be important: I see that an older version is still installed in the control panel, while it doesnt appear in the program files-folder , but it wont uninstall because it says:"There is a problem with this Windows Installer package.". I tried reinstalling Microsoft .Net framework but it displays that it or a newer version is already installed, but it is not. Does someone know how to fix any of those errors? Thanks in advance! -Kevin Crans