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  1. Thanks. I often switch between Global and Contiguous e.g. Color Picker global and then Fill contiguous. It is frustrating to have leave the image and click on the tool bar button. This will save me a lot of time (and frustration).
  2. Still missing a couple of important commands from the context tool bar like Flood Mode and Sampling. Selection Quality, Blending Mode and Antialiasing would be useful too. I switch back forth between Sampling and Flood Mode quite often and it would really help if I did not have to use the mouse every time.
  3. Thank you. I should of thought of that. It is little clunky but it should work well enough.
  4. Those appear to be the shortcuts already visible in the interface. If you look for the examples I listed (e.g. flip vertical/horizontal for either image or layer) you will see they are not there.
  5. I just bought a elgato Stream Deck and I’d like to replicate the menu items and buttons on the tools/layers/etc windows on the buttons. For example “Move Layer Down” “Move Layer Up” layer “Flip Vertical” and image “Flip Vertical”. Ideally there would be an interface to map the commands to custom key strokes but even static keystrokes would be great. Note: at first the multiple keys presses were an issue and I was going to request alternate keystrokes (e.g. pressing “Select Rectangle (m)” then “Select Lasso (m,m)” could switch to “Select Ellipse (m,m,m)” but I figured out a work a
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