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  1. Enjoying Paint.NET since ~2007 :)

  2. Paint.NET is getting noticed!

    My university has got Paint.NET on EVERY of their computer (they have at least a few hundred of them). It's 2nd-3rd biggest uni in my country. So I think Paint.NET had been noticed pretty well
  3. Grid like wallpaper / Background

    It's great to hear that I help someone and by the way, nice work!
  4. Grid like wallpaper / Background

    Final result Plugins you'll need Only Pixelate+ which you can find in pyrochild plugins pack http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/7291-pyrochild-plugins-2014-2-08/ The tutorial Create a new image with size you want, I will use 1280x720. Effects > Render > Clouds. Scale it up a bit. Effects > Blurs > Gaussian blur. Radius whichever you like. I will use 20. Effects > Blurs > Pixelate+. All settings whichever you like. I will use width and height 48, keep square checked, sampling method - blend corners. Dublicate the layer. Then go to Effects > Stylize > Outline. Choose thickness 1 and intensity 100. Go to Adjustments > Invert colors. This should give you an dark result. So, we need to boost whites. Go to Adjustments > Curves. It's time to combine these two layers. So change top layer blending mode to whatever. Additive will probably work best. Merge layer down. And color this wallpaper with anything you want. For example you can use curves, hue/saturation or whatever. I will just use another plugin - Color tint. So that's all. Hopefully you liked it
  5. Cropping Photographs - The Rule of Thirds

    Rule of thirds doesn't apply to architecture, like you did with the second picture.
  6. Newbie Question on Text

    Or you can use plugin which will put a already-made watermark for you: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=14517 One con: it won't be able to work with Paint.NET version 4, but still works with the 3'rd version thought
  7. Hello I want to ask what you were doing with Paint.NET then you have found it? Like, if you were trying out effects, or maybe doing simple everyday-tasks, or something? Talking about myself I was just improvising with different effects, trying to get something nice out of nothing or from any image. After that I've started editing some of the photos, which really needed some of the fixes.
  8. Light Spectrum Background / Wallpaper

    Now I understand that I was wrong stucking just only at youtube, because for everyone the "easier" way is different and whats good for one doesn't mean for the other I will try to write some of the tutorials there. Also, I will check out other people, while I have some free time
  9. Light Spectrum Background / Wallpaper

    Thank you You haven't seen me here before just because I thought that to follow video tutorials is easier than forum post, so this is why I been stuck at youtube Thank you!
  10. Light Spectrum Background / Wallpaper

    Thank you I have read the rules and added links to the plugins
  11. I'm currently writing a "book" about all Paint.NET stuff that I know. :)

  12. So we are going to make this bad boy: Before you start you will need following plugins: Random shape fill http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/10633-random-shape-fill/?hl=%2Brandom+%2Bshape+%2Bfill Gradient mapping http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/6265-gradient-mapping/?hl=%20random%20%20shape%20%20fill Color tint (optional) http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=1768 So file - new to create a new image. Choose any size. I'm going to use my screen resoliution Select primary color as shown (or you can choose whatever), and secondary black Choose gradient tool with radial mode and draw from the image center to the side as shown in the image below. Create a new layer. Choose white color as primary color. Now go to effects - render - random shape fill (this is an extra plugin, you will have to download it before). Choose these settings, you can play around with number, maximum/minimum sizes. Add new layer and go to the same effect. This time you can change settings a bit, but mess around only with the number, sizes and if needed randomise circles. Go to layer 2, then effects - blurs - gaussian blur. Choose radius at about 25-30 and make these circles kinda very blurry. Go to layer 3. Gaussian blur again. But this time radius should be like the half of the previous attempt, or 1-10. Add new layer. Change colors to black and white, as it was by default. Go to effects - render - clouds. Choose first setting at about 240, and lower the second. Change layer to overlay. Add new layer. Choose gradient tool with linear mode. And draw something similar to what I did in the image below. Go to adjustments - gradient mapping (another plugin that you will have to download). Choose rainbow preset. Go to effects - blurs - gaussian blur. Radius - maximum. If needed blur it again, but one time should be already ok. Change layer to overlay and lower the opacity till it looks good. (Optional) If you want you can change layer 3 to overlay. Save project as pdn file, so you can do something else later on if needed and after that go to image - flatten. From this point you can choose way you want to finish your project. Option 1: Dublicate the layer Apply color tint Apply glow Change the opacity. Option 2: Just apply glow I'm going to do the first option. So dublicate the layer. And apply color tint (choose any color you want). Apply effects - photo - glow. I will leave default settings. And the last step is to change opacity of the layer. So that's all. Hope you like that Also, I have got an tutorial in video format here: http://youtu.be/Xg1uRdWUSEU
  13. Everything is ok Thanks for sharing my video I haven't shared any of my videos, because I think that in this forum I should write everything down and don't do the simplier way - post a video, so this is why I'm not posting anything And I'm not angry on you or something, don't be afraid of me
  14. That is my video, I hope creator of the topic don't try to take credit for it.