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  1. @BoltBait I perform the steps you mention above I click the transparent area with the magic wand then ctrl+I to invert then ctrl+shift+x to crop to selection Is there a plugin or a way to just "crop to opaque" I know I am being lazy, but I do this a lot after using gravity to delete unwanted areas of things, so my images are rectangular, and I just want to crop to the opaque area Thanks
  2. There is a solid rounded rectangle plugin in Curtis' Plugin Pack There is also a plugin for radius corners where you can set the radius of the corners for any image.
  3. Use the Alpha Mask Plugin Duplicate your layer. Fill that layer with white. Go around the edges making large black circles. Gaussian blur the layer until it looks smooth. Ctrl-C to copy. Click off the visibility of that layer. Go to the layer with your original pic and use the alpha mask plugin. The areas of white will show up and the black will be transparent. You can make another layer and place that beneath it, and fill it with a random bright color to see which areas are transparent. Delete the two new layers and you are left with your original pic with randomized faded e
  4. It does have an effect on the capture if pasted into paint.net. I did one capture and pasted in paint.net and pasted in windows paint. The paste in windows paint was the exact same as the screen, but the paint.net was altered.
  5. I will often copy full webpages and paste the results in paint.net in order to edit the page and save them as pdf's. Recently, when copying the page and pasting it in paint.net, I will get a blue hue to all of the pictures. If I choose to save the file and open it in paint.net, the pictures are fine. Also, if I paste it to window's paint the pictures are normal. I can even copy it from window's paint, and paste it in paint.net and the pictures are fine. If I just do print screen to copy the visible page and then paste in paint.net, there is no color alteration. I am using firefox as my br
  6. Looks like I'm too late, but: I'm new here, but I use it and I like it. As was stated above, tap the arrow key first then use control and it does not duplicate. It works well for me.
  7. Thank you both. Those dots were tough, but I was able to get a similar reproduction.
  8. I would like to be able to reproduce this picture. While I would appreciate your thoughts on how to make the splat in the foreground, I am really curious how to make the different sized and different colored circles in the background that overlap irregularly. Thanks in advance. David
  9. I would like your thoughts on the plugin object2colour. You can use it to do the initial color change, but you can also use it to get rid of any black that is left over if you used a different method originally. If you have opaque and translucent set to color wheel, it will change the black to your preferred color at the same alpha along the edges.
  10. That's it! Thank you so much Woodsy. I really appreciate everyone's help.
  11. Thanks Pixey, but that is not it. I remember it being much simpler than that. I would just generate a background and then run the plugin. One of the settings towards the middle of the dialog box, not the main setting, would need to be negative to get the right result. I appreciate your thoughts on the subject.
  12. I recently read a post on how to create glass blocks using a plugin other than the glass blocks plugin. I do not know if it was a recent or older post. All I really remember was that one of the settings had to be a negative number and it turned the image into a nice rendering of glass blocks. If someone could help me with this, I would appreciate it. I have searched and searched and cannot find it. I believe it was mentioned as an aside and was not related to the main topic of the thread.
  13. That was quick! Thank you. I appreciate it.
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