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  1. You can try this: Open your image with Paint from Windows OS then Select All, Copy and Paste in your WordPad document. Or choose Edit>>Paste Special:
  2. And saved in TIFF format in the correct form recognized by DjVu Small. Many options to save including .ico and .cur. Very impressive. Unfortunately not many plugins that PDN. I voted PDN but I think I'll use both applications.
  3. Excellent work barbieq25. I like your concept. Welcome back DrewDale! It's nice to have you back with us.
  4. Incidentally these days I'm interested in creating some buttons. This tutorial came just in time. Thanks Welshblue. Very clear tutorial and easy to understand. My try:
  5. Ok I missed 1 n. Sory I modify later, now I have go to work. English is not my native language.
  6. I used one layer for each letter then Merge Layer Down to create words.
  7. 1. Open background with PDN 2. Add a new layer 3. Open horse image. Now you have 2 images. 4. Select All (Ctrll+A) Copy (Ctrl+C) in horse image 5. Select background image and new layer 6. Paste (Ctrl+V) and Deselect (Ctrl+D)
  8. If you removed the background behind the horse, you must save the result as a PNG. JPEG don't preserve transparency. In PDN image of horse must be in own transparent layer.
  9. Yes I saw the picture. I dont think there is such an plugin but probably can be simulate with some work.
  10. You need to post your image between tags IMG ... /IMG
  11. Looking for this kind of things?
  12. I do not know if it will help but read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_depth
  13. Well, I know another application called LazPaint. It is also free and is created in Lazarus.
  14. Congratulations to the winner. Thanks everyone who voted for me.
  15. 1. Rectangle Select tool and select only the japanese letering an then cut 2. Magic Wand tool and reselect transparent area 3. Color Picker tool and click under selection area to identify primary color then swap colors and click above the selection area to identify secondary color 4. Choose Gradient and Linear and hold Shift key then press left mouse button and drag from top to bottom 5. Deselect or Ctrl+D That's not the best solution but this is how I did it. At higher zoom rectangle is visible. LE: @snowboardz523 Sorry for the misunderstanding. I assumed that you addressed to me.
  16. I do not know if I understand correctly. You want something like this? http://i.imgur.com/0rUdHb2.jpg
  17. How about Uru: Ages Beyond Myst. Some people say it's boring. Well, I found it interesting though is an older game.
  18. First method: 1. Ctrl+A=Sellect All (your image) 2. Choose Move Selected Pixels on Tools float menu 3. Hold Shift and drag to the corner 4. On Effects menu choose Object allign>>Center Both 5. On Effects menu choose Object>>Outline Object 6. Crop if necessary and Resize as you want Second method: 1. Choose and swap colors on Colors float menu 2. Go to Image menu 3. Select Canvas Size 4. Expand Canvas at few pixels how match you want to be the border of image. Ensure you have tick Maintain aspect ratio and Anchor Middle then increase Width 5. Resize as you want
  19. First you need to change layers opacity (for SELL and ? layers). I used 30 for both layers. For quick selection with Magic Wand click on layer and then press Ctrl+I in layers SELL and question mark. Settings for Conditional Hue/Saturation for question mark: For text SELL I used only Hue/Saturation plugin:
  20. 1. Change Background color with Paint Bucket 2. Add a new layer 3. Type your text 4. Delete background 5. Save as PNG
  21. @precesh Another way is to use Adobe Acrobat (not Reader). Select the two (or n) images and then right click and from the context menu select Combine supported files in Acrobat... @ sashwilko Thanks, I had no idea of the existence of this plugin. And thank you especially to Martin Osieka.
  22. Make a file .txt on desktop, change the extension to .~sy then try to find it in Win7. No result. I use Everything Search for that. Make the same thing in XP and will be found instantly. The .~sy extension is used from PC Schematic for symbol backup files. Sometimes I need to delete these files and Win7 are not found it at all.