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  1. please only tell me about the image attached on post #9 then i will read everything on my own.. click on it not the thumbnail thanks a lot
  2. that plugin is not useful you cannot select any option and the print size now is about 16cm wide, no more 9 and no more 20 i'm only more confuse..
  3. if i paste it to wordpad it's bigger than 9cm D: i have to be secure than if i send it and other images to printshop the job will be well done..
  4. this is the image what can you tell me about it? thanks for the help guys
  5. sorry i don't achieve to read all "dpi and you" so if i modify dpi to make print size equal to screen size i ruin the image or it's ok? the image results 20 cm wide (before i said 22 because my plastic ruler isn't accurate xD)
  6. 200 dpi (dots per inch right?) i mean wordpad because i don't have word and it's only to know what is the size on a page with size 100% it is out of A4 page but says me 3,8inch width
  7. my paint is set to cm because if i set inches it is 3,8 wide the problem is that the size 100% on screen (9 inch) is far superior than print size according to
  8. Hi everybody this is my first post here lastly i'm creating graphics for some tshirts that i would to get printed but for example says that image xyz is 9cm wide when the truth is that if i import it to wordpad with 100% dimension it results 22cm Now how can i know the real dimensions of an image? thanks