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  1. Many, many thanks Red ochre, that's exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot.! You can post the code lab code? I haven't programmed a long time, the time of the Z80µP, but I learn C # and codes helps me to understand how things are done. And thanks also to EER for his kindness.
  2. I use LazPaint for my shadows effects. I saved both layers separately as png then I loaded in PDN. We need a tool to deform a selection as in this video. There is Quadrilateral Reshape plugin but is not the same.
  3. Surely you are absolutely right.Thanks for the reply. If you can post the code would be perfect. I'd try to do default settings as shown in my image.
  4. Thanks TR. The color scheme was the issue. I changed and everything is fine.
  5. This plugin is running in PDN 3.5.11? Because I have this strange GUI on my old Windows XP.
  6. In my work I often need to drawing axes. I was wondering if there is a plugin to do this quickly. I found Photo Alignment & Proportion Tool but there is a problem: the alignment is different from that obtained with Center Both. I drew two lines in separate layers and I had centred them with Center Both but there is a difference as you can see. Maybe I do something wrong.
  7. Thanks Martin. Sorry, I used the old plugin (test) loaded from here. There is no color tab in the old plugin.
  8. Thanks Martin (or Midora?). I like your plugin and I apreciate your work. One suggestion: how about a color wheel in your plugin? And one question: how to get diagonal lines? I don't want to be misunderstood, but I want to remove some plugins from my Effect folder. It is desirable for the specific plug-ins to do many things and your plugin do.
  9. I usually use the Clone Stamp tool instead Paintbrush tool for this task if the pixels is not the same color. http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/CloneStamp.html http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ColorPicker.html http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/Paintbrush.html
  10. Thanks Simon Brown & Goonfella. I'll try Firefox, although it is strange.
  11. No. I get the same message even with IE.
  12. 1. Duplicate the layer with the cover image 2. Effects ►Color ►Color Tint → Hue = 52; TintAmount = 252 2. Clic on Properties 3. Blending >> Mode: Overlay (Opacity = 255) and you get that result: http://imgur.com/8HsRew0 Under Loni is a red triangle, I don't know why.
  13. Maybe this can help you: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/19060-make-a-3d-room-interior-design/
  14. I miss welshblue. A real master. I know ,he was banned, but maybe he created a new account. What a shame that the world has forgotten him so soon.
  15. Thank you very much John. Very useful plugin.
  16. Yes, the border is transparent after resize canvas though I expected to be white. Ok, the above image was taken from the internet with Copy image and then Paste in to New Image in PDN. When I resize the canvas I get what you see above. The image was in clipboard. If I save the image from internet to desktop as JPEG or PNG then I load from PDN and resize the canvas then the border is white.
  17. I have the same problem to a point. The behavior is different from PDN 3.5.11. I'm using too PDN 4.0.3. Whatever is the second color, I get transparency border when I resize the canvas. This thing seems quite logical if we think of the canvas as a layer that is always transparent from the beginning.
  18. You can use multiple layers and multiple lines in own layers. You get multiple nodes to work with. The letter is made in several parts with small lines. You can see my signature here that is made in the same way.
  19. I do not know if I understood correctly what you want. You can see an example here. I used Zapfino Linotype One font.