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  1. Maybe you need to set Scan profiles... in Device and printers settings. Obviously window may be different depending on which device you have. Hidden Content:
  2. I understand. I didn't know I can do this using the help system. Thanks for the reply BoltBait.
  3. I need to display a text with additional information. This text should have a button Show / Hide to make the interface more attractive. In the case of longer texts (max. 255 chr) would show only 4 or 5 lines and text box it should have a scroll bar to browse to the end of the text. It is possible to implement such control (InfoText) in CodeLab user interface designer in next version?
  4. UPDATE: You can still do this if you want, but it is no longer necessary. More info. If you set the operating system (Change system locale) for your country then you probably need to make two changes for CodeLab to work properly. Control Panel ► Region ► Additional Settings ► Numbers 1. Change decimal symbol to DOT if it's comma 2. Change digit grouping symbol to COMMA if it's dot
  5. I don't think this plugin will interest someone. Perhaps only those who have the same job as mine. For me it is quite useful and I thank once again to toe_head2001 that helped me a lot. AC Phasor Diagram.zip
  6. toe_head2001, God bless you! This is exactly what I wanted. I will try to understand the code because I want to do the same for the currents: I1, I2, I3. THANK YOU!
  7. Yes toe_head, thanks for your replay.
  8. I'm working on a plugin for personal use. It's based on toe_head2001's code (Spoked wheel). I want to add text above phasors: red = V1, orange = V2, blue = V3 but I don't know how to do that. I used a few options, but the text intersecting vectors at an agle of rotation. Maybe someone helps me.
  9. Thanks BoltBait. Just wondering why CodeLab v2.12 does not appear in the list of plugins.
  10. I have a png image of 13.4MB. What does it mean that information which is marked in red?
  11. If the background is completely white, try ABBYY FineReader.
  12. I have not managed to reproduce this issue. I don't see any option "Importing a new image" but instead "Import From File" in Layers menu and "Open" in File menu. I tried both and working properly.
  13. toe_head2001 thanks for the point of reputation but I don't deserve it because actually I didn't do anything else only I took pieces of code written by the others (Red ochre and you) and to adapt this code. I'm just a beginner and I have a lot, a lot to learn. I have no age to still have the enthusiasm of youth. When I look at the young men (but not only) clever here, what wonderful things they can do! I realize that I can't catch up these ones. I thank those who have kindly to post the code here in the forum. Just so we (beginners) can learn a few things.
  14. New version: Effects → Render → GuideLines GuideLines.zip A brief example of use. It can be run with active selection. You can use multiple empty layers to run that plugin and then you can make that layers invisible if you want.
  15. I think it would be the plugin of the year. I waiting a long time for something like that free to replace demo Text Pro plugin.
  16. A very useful plugin for me. Thanks toe_head2001. I tried to play a little with this code in CodeLab 2.11. But CodeLab working extremely hard even in Windows 10. It freezes for a little time then recovers and so on. I wonder if anyone has the same problem because I tried it on multiple systems with the same results.
  17. I once talked to an engineer who left Europe in USA. He took a year to get used to the Imperial system of measurement. I understand how difficult it is for someone to switch from one system to another. On the other hand, even in Europe metric system coexist with the imperial. For example, metal pipe diameter is measured in inches while plastic pipes diameter is measured in mm. I think both systems are good for people with different culture. Like @midora said, meter feels much more natural for me than anything else. But we must learn from each other. We don't need to fight. We need to understand each other. Sorry for my bad english...
  18. @dipstick My mistake. It's about PPI. In fact it was a scanned image. You're right. I need a new PC. I tested on a system with i5-4460 and it moves very quickly. Thanks all for your time.
  19. For images with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher, both tools are moving very delayed. There is someone like me experiencing this? Windows 7 – 32bit / 4GB / Dual CPU E2140 / GeForce GT 630
  20. Hello Patrick and welcome to the forum. You must to save as PNG to preserve transparency.