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  1. can someone give me a good tutorial on how to create these type of color palletes???? and why do you need .txt???? for it?
  2. sorry didnt exactly explain it.. what i ment is when u do a sprite like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7qlv9DxZlw when a player toss an opponent or does a special move! is that one animation (frame) with the 2 charecters? or each charecter does its animation and combine it? like Zangief's special attack spinning piledriver??? is it one frame as him sitting and the opponent upside down or just him sitting and another frame with opponent outside down??
  3. okay..so far i see sprites made by paint.net as walk cycle ,jumps , punch etc.... but was just wondering how does the special attacks works? example: street fighter Zangief's special attack spinning piledriver i want to animate that using paint.net but how does it works?do i draw Zangief in a walk clycle than another animation grabbing and another spinning? my friend is doing the code and I'm doing the animation but do I need to make a lot of the same move with different opponent? or how does it works??? and will i be able to do it with paint.net?????? thanks so much!
  4. okay i have a simple question that for sure ya can answer easy here it goes! whats an 8-bits and 16 etc? does it means you can use 8 different colors only? or does it means the canvas MUST be 8 x and 8 y? or does it means 8 pixels x and y and canvas can be any size? I am still confuse? i read many stuff but they dont go to the point
  5. hi guys i am kind of new here i dont know where to post this? but here is my question : i am new to paint.net I need to make good imges for computer games and dont know 100% whats dpi or ppi also the sizes? i read about it but idk how to do it in paint.net checked youtube and nothing usually i draw my images with pencill than scan it than use paint.net . but when it comes to coloring and render it it looks really bad.. what to do? can someone guide me??? p.s wanted my images to look like them icons that looks super good!
  6. Hi can someone tell me if there is a plug in that can help me make sprite sheet? like a smart guide that can help me put in place the stuff i make.. so i can have an easy way to make sprite sheet... if anybody knows a plug-in pLzzzz tell me... where to download it. and also how to use it or install it Thank you ..
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