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  1. Thank you, that is easier and I also learned how to select all, which is valuable in other tasks too.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I had trouble doing that because I couldn't figure out how to delete the background. But I did find a way to do it. I created a file that was the size I wanted, then clicked on it with the magic wand and then clicked "delete". The field became transparent. Then I typed the letters in black, because it was hard to see white letters on the checkerboard background. When I was all done I used "invert colors", with white being the secondary color. That worked just fine.
  3. I need to create white letters on a transparent background, but don't know how. You can't see white letters on a white background, and if I set the layer to invisible I can't see the letters either. I've tried various suggestions in forum posts but nothing seems to work or to be clear enough to understand. Can anyone help with simple instructions? Thanks!