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    TechnoRobbo's Monolithic (3D Text Generator) Version 1.0.4+ Special thanks to the Dwarf Horde for their advice and support Version 1.0.4+ Removes the need to press the Enter Key to affect a change in the number boxes Version 1.0.3+ adds some code to avoid a potential crash version 1.0.2+ improves anti-aliasing Menu: Effects -> Text Formations Instructional Video TRsMonolithic.zip
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    Hello and Welcome I've been playing around with Paint.Net for about three years. The bulk of my work is made from fantastic tutorials written by great artists. I may have a few photo manipulations but I credit the majority of my work to the friendly people who make up this forum. A special thanks to Rick for writing this awesome program. Please enjoy and you are welcome to give me your opinion (good or bad). I have been urged to post this video! I was looking for something to do and found Paint.Net. This video was my very first project, before I knew about plugins and before I knew there was a forum that could guide me. I took hundreds of pictures and included the model cars that I built years ago. First I made a gif and got bored with it so I made it into a movie and put in sound effects using Windows Movie Maker.
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    A few fellow forum members suggested I make a tutorial after giving shading tips on a different thread. No plug-ins needed. This will work on colored images as well to accent the highlights and shadows, but I tend to play with it the most on my sketches. First, start with your base image. Add a new layer for shadows and set the Blending Mode to Color Burn Add another layer for highlights and set the Blending Mode to Color Dodge Using a dark gray on the Dodge layer, color where you want highlights. The lighter the color, the brighter the highlight. If it looks too bright, try a darker color. Black will probably not show up at all. I like to lower the hardness of the brush to get a softer edge to help with blending later. If you want distinct highlights, you can try a harder brush. Using a light gray on the Burn layer, color where you want shadows. The darker the color, the deeper the shadows. Use Gaussian Blur to smooth out the shadows. Play with the slider to see what works best for your image. Do the same to the highlights. Using the eraser tool, clean up the edges of the highlights and shadows so they don't creep beyond the borders of your image. If you find a section that needs a bit more adjustment, you can color where needed, use the selection tool to choose just that area, and then blur again to smooth it out. Another option is to reduce the hardness of your brush and adjust the opacity to make it slightly transparent, if you want just a subtle change. And then, you're done! You can adjust the opacity of the Dodge and Burn layers if the highlights and shadows are too bright/dark. This same technique on a colored photo (done quickly for this tutorial, not because my daughter needed any dramatization to her face):
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    Radius Corners This is an continuation of @dan9298's abandoned 'Radius Fill Corners' plugin. See changelog below. Effects -> Stylize -> Radius Corners Features Creates rounded corners on your image at an adjustable radius. Automatically sets the maximum radius size allowed (based on half the size of the shortest side of the canvas); defaults to a quarter size Fill the background with transparency or a custom color Changelog v1.5 by toe_head2001 (Sept 10, 2016) Added: There is now an option for a margin. v1.4 by toe_head2001 (Dec 1, 2015) Fixed: The dynamic values on the Radius slider (Max & Default) now recognize selections v1.3 by toe_head2001 (Feb 28, 2015) Added: Anti-aliasing! Changed: Plugin is now called Radius Corners (the Fill function is not important enough to be in the name ) Changed: Moved to the Stylize Submenu (same reason as above) Fixed: Right and bottom edges were off by 1px v1.2 by toe_head2001 (Feb 26, 2015) Changed: Replaced the old WinForms UI with a fancy IndirectUI one Changed: Replaced the Primary Color & Secondary Color options with a Color Wheel (which defaults to the primary color) Changed: Instead of having the default Radius Size at 50, it is now set to a quarter of the size of the shortest side of the canvas New: Metadata was added for the 'Plugin Browser' v1.1 by dan9298 (Nov 21, 2008) Prevent the radius from exceeding half the size of the shortest side of the canvas v1.0 by dan9298 (Nov 9, 2008) Initial release Download RadiusFillCorners.zip Source Code Source files and Git history
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    BoltBait's Meme Maker Plugin v1.3 If you are using Paint.NET v3.5.11, Download here: MemeMaker13.zip (v1.3) Unzip this to your desktop and run the Install_MemeMaker.BAT file to install. If you are using paint.net v4.0.6+, Download here: BoltBait's Plugin Pack for paint.net v4.0.6+ (v1.3 with Shadow option) Once installed, you'll find this under the Effects > Photo > Meme Maker menu. Requirements: - Paint.NET 3.5.11 or higher - The font "IMPACT" must be installed on your system. It probably is as it comes standard with Windows. Versions: -1.3 Added shadow option -1.2 Fixed a bug when centering in a selection -1.1 Added separate size for each text, Added ability to use Primary/Secondary colors -1.0 Initial Release CodeLab source for v1.2
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    Rubber Stamp Effects -> Object -> Rubber Stamp Before: After: Changelog v1.0 (April 15, 2017) Initial release Download RubberStamp.zip Source Code https://github.com/toehead2001/pdn-rubber-stamp Icon from Fugue Icons.
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    Name:Flourish Description:Renders double spiral shapes Keywords:Spirals, Archimedean spirals, Logarithmic spirals, f hole, treble clef, curve, calligraphy, tendril, leaf, swirls Menu: Render Original release date:5th February 2017 Author: Red ochre (John Robbins) .dll name: Flourish Compatability:Tested on Pdn 3.5.11 and Pdn 4.0.12 Now in my 10.1 pack Red ochre plugin pack V 10.1 Updated 12th Feb 2017 - added a control for how the width changes along the length - see screen shot below The examples below are probably better than any description I can give. There are some 'oddities' in the way Windows (G.D.I.+) fills and outlines shapes like this. If that is a problem reduce the width so that lines do not overlap and/or reduce the outline width. Please do post examples of images made using 'Flourish'.
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    Hello! Longtime lurker here. I suppose I should go introduce myself properly too. I have spent a good bit of time over the years reading, practicing tutorials, and just generally trying to learn as much about PDN as I can. Anyway...I just finished a piece I am really proud of and finally feel I have something to share. It's made with: Shapes 3D Yellowman's 3D Room tutorial Midora's Animated Image plugin Pixey's tutorial for Midora's plugin TR's Dodge and Burn Metalllize Here, my flickering fireplace! I plan to make this part of a much larger piece eventually, but right now I think I'll have some victory chocolate. Thanks to everyone, and especially Rick Brewster for creating my favorite software. Happy Halloween! --Dragon Additional:
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    Finally finished it!
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    Hi all! I'm an author who is super-duper slow with writing due to two young children and a full-time job on top of that, but I'm making my way toward "The End". One of the things they say for self-publishers is don't design your own covers, but I'm cheap and I enjoy creating art and I decided to anyways. My covers have seen many stages, from playing around with the twist tool in paint.net to get my base symbols, to the final product they are now. Everything I know about graphic design has been self-taught through tutorials and getting input from other people as to what works and what doesn't. Only Thanmir War and This World Bites are published, so I'm willing to take suggestions on any of the other covers. Sovereign has given me the most issues with finding something that I like, but I finally settled on what I have because it fits the tone of the story best. The four Ninier book covers were created solely in paint.net, using the various tutorials found around such as making a stone texture, making 3-D stone text, cracked floor effect, and realistic rough cast metal. This World Bites was put together in paint.net, with the world pictured made using paint.net's advanced planet tutorial. I also fell in love with this water tutorial, and found inverting the colors made for a pretty fire background. My Book Covers: A just-because experiment to test the realistic rough cast tutorial: Other cover options I tried but rejected:
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    Happy Easter to everyone on the Forum .
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    This is a minor update that slightly improves the brush tools, and fixes a few weird issues that some people were seeing. As usual, you can download the update directly from the website, or you can use the built-in updater via Settings –> Updates –> Check Now. Changes: Improved the performance of the Brush tools when antialiasing is enabled Improved the quality of the Brush tools when antialiasing is disabled Fixed: Edit->Paste wasn't working with some images that came from Firefox (as discussed at https://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/111012-not-enough-memory-to-paste-from-clipboard/ ) Fixed: Improved the reliability of Image->Crop to Selection on 32-bit systems. Instead of crashing when it runs out of memory, it will just show an error. Fixed: Reduced crashes when loading UI images caused by an unreliable Windows component ("System.ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid") Fixed: When manually checking for updates in the Settings dialog and the user didn't actually have the necessary security privileges, a crash might result instead of an error dialog. Enjoy!
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    TechnoRobbo's Paste Frame V1.3.20+ Uses a clipboard image to frame your picture Based on a request from Member @Eli PDN 3.5 Compatible v1.3.20+ math fix v1.3.10+ Greater Adjustment - Smooth Offset v1.3.9+ Some Eli inspired changes (expanded range,Solid Tiling) v1.3.8+ adds offset from edge v1.3.7+ Introduces alignment options Hidden Content: v1.3.6+ Region Bug fix v1.3.5+ Border width bug fixed v1.3.0.+ add selection contouring v1.2.2+ fixes a Re-entrant Token bug. v1.2.1+ fixes artifact in PDN 3.5 Version 1.2.0.+ wrapping control and load a frame file as well as clipboard V1.1 corrects symmetry Menu : Effects -> Selection A few tips When using copy disable antialising selection Paste to it's own image and copy again to avoid any fringing The frame image continuity works best if the frame size and the image have a common divisor 800X600 works great with 10,50,100 Select the graphic at the targetted corner point - in this example, from middle of the heart to the middle of the heart Example of proper alignment (Click to view) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ueo8jqjd32ufagn/Paste%20FrameEli1.png?raw=1 Example of common divisor (Click to view) https://www.dropbox.com/s/bw456g4cgk1bmrr/Paste%20FrameEli2.png?raw=1 . . VS Source Code for Programmers Only Plugin DownloadTRsPasteFrame.zip
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    This is a hotfix that fixes a crash in the Magic Wand tool. As usual, you can download the update directly from the website, or you can use the built-in updater via Settings –> Updates –> Check Now. The only change since 4.0.14, which you can read about here, is this: Fixed a crash in the Magic Wand tool if it was used twice in a row with a selection mode other than Replace. Technically, it's not "twice in a row" that causes the crash. It's actually just using the Magic Wand tool, with a selection mode other than Replace, on any selection that is "pixelated". There are two common sources of pixelated selections: the Magic Wand tool, and the Rectangle Select tool. "Pixelated" selections are comprised solely of straight horizontal or vertical segments whose endpoints are at integer coordinates. This distinction is important because there are some great optimizations you can take advantage of when the data fits into this limitation. Sadly, one of my optimizations fell over in 4.0.14. *phew*! Enjoy
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    Shameless act of self appreciation. The year 1998, The TV program Later With Jools Holland, an ambition to appear on the show, a bigger ambition to be sharing a stage with Mike Oldfield. This appearance was just after the Horseguards Parade Premier of Tubular Bells III in London and the 1998 / 99 tour to follow. Great times and a great slice of music too. Yours truly is Stage right on Keyboards. No bells were harmed during the recording of this show.
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    Dear Red Ochre! Thank you so much for the plugin. or Sorry! 3x
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    Barcode This is a update of @Sepcot's original Barcode generation plugin. See changelog below. Effects -> Render -> Barcode 'getpaint.net' encoded with Code 39 '93901' Postal Code encoded with POSTNET '070048016509' encoded with UPC-A Features Supports all three Code 39 barcode encodings: Code 39, Code 39 mod 43, and Full ASCII Code 39 Supports 5, 6, 9, and 11 digit POSTNET encodings Supports UPC-A encodings Automatically tries to convert text into an encodable format. (Example: "Paint" in Code 39 becomes "PAINT") Provides visual feedback for text that cannot be encoded. Uses the user defined Primary and Secondary colors to build the barcodes. Note: Barcodes built with colors other than Black (Primary) and White (Secondary) will probably not scan correctly. The width of the bars in the barcode adjust to fill the available space. No barcode is shown if the surface is too small for the barcode to be completely drawn. Supports non-rectangular selections. Note: Barcodes may not scan correctly if not rectangular. Changelog v1.4 by toe_head2001 (Nov 14, 2015) Fixed: Code39 Mod43 was generating the wrong Check Digit (this has been wrong since Sepcot's first release in 2007, sorry) Changed: All barcodes render a whole lot faster now Changed: When an invalid text string is typed in, the canvas will now clear instead of the 'OK' button disabling Changed: Minor UI Tweaks, should look better on HiDPI v1.3 by toe_head2001 (Aug 24, 2015) New: Generate UPC-A barcodes New: Added option to force Black & White, rather than using the primary and secondary colors New: The 'Enter' and 'Esc' keys now work Changed: UI now has a faux IndirectUI style v1.2 by toe_head2001 (Feb 23, 2015) Fixed: Plugin would crash if Unicode characters were inputted into the text field (info) Fixed: Character validation was not functional on the 'Full ASCII Code 39' option Changed: Live preview and the 'OK' button are now disabled if invalid characters are inputted Changed: Menu entry in now under the 'Render' submenu New: Text cursor is now automatically placed in the text input field when the plugin is opened New: Metadata was added for the 'Plugin Browser' v1.1 by Sepcot (March 19, 2007) Supports 5, 6, 9, and 11 digit POSTNET encodings Supports non-rectangular selections. v1.0 by Sepcot (March 15, 2007) Initial release Download Barcode.zip Source Code https://github.com/toehead2001/pdn-barcode
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    @Humility - Another trick, which does take some trial and error and a bit of patience, is to use dodge and burn. I like to draw on paper, take photos of the pictures (since I don't have a nifty scanner), and then play with depth using dodge and burn. Once you understand the direction of light, you can try these methods to see if you like the results. First you have your base image. Add a Burn layer Add a Dodge layer Choose dark gray to add highlights to the Dodge layer (the lighter the color, the brighter the highlight) and a lighter gray to add shadows to the Burn layer (the darker the color, the darker the shadow) Use Gaussian blur to smooth out the edges (play with the levels to see what works best for your image) Then erase around the edge of your base image to clean up shadows and highlights that extend beyond it Play with the Opacity slider on the dodge and burn layers to adjust if they are too bright/dark. Unfortunately, I have no talent for drawing background for my people, so I have no advice there. But since these past few posts were about shading, I figured I'd chime in.
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    Note: This guide is designed for laymen, and won't discus writing/editing code. If you know how to write code and want to do some development in CodeLab, please go read BoltBait's tutorials instead. Introduction Sometimes people, such as myself, will post some code, and tell you to go use it with something called CodeLab. Q. What's this CodeLab thing? A. In layman's terms, CodeLab is a plugin that allows you to write custom Effects within paint.net in real-time. Q. It says "for advanced users", so why would you have me use it!? A. That's what I hope to address with this guide. Q. Ok, but since I don't write code, what all can I do with CodeLab? A. Aside from the obvious running code that has been copied & pasted, you can build (create the .dll file) your own Effect plugins, or translate its User Interface into your native language. Q. I can't tell the difference between ancient Greek and computer code, so is CodeLab safe for me to use? A. It's extremely difficult to break something when using CodeLab. (If you do want to break something, you have to know what you're doing.) So, yes, it's safe for the "average Joe" to use. If you are copying & pasting code from an unfamiliar source, please exercise caution. Or exercise caution always... Running Code - Remove the existing code, and Copy & Paste the source code you want to run. Here I have highlighted the code editor portion of CodeLab's interface. - After 3 seconds, the pasted source code will automatically execute. - Press the OK button to confirm the changes to the current layer. (just like any other Effect in paint.net) Creating a .DLL File - Press the Save button. This will save the source code as a .cs file (cs aka C Sharp aka C#). - Press the Build DLL button. This will create a .dll file you can install as its own paint.net plugin. - and Press the Build button. - The built .dll file will be placed on your Desktop. You'll need install it, but there's also a handy batch file on your Desktop that will do it for you. Translating into your Native Language - Press the Interface Designer button. - Select a UI control from the list. Here I have my 'Sprinkler Head' source code loaded into CodeLab, and the Radius slider is selected. - Type in your Translation (I typed "Rayon", French for Radius ... I think) - Press the Update button - Press the OK button, or select another UI control to edit to repeat the process. You could also change the Default values, but you should not change the Min and Max.
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    CodeLab 2.19 Released This is only for Paint.NET 4.0.6+! Small update today... Changes: ▪ Fixed the crash that could be caused by the error tooltips. (toe_head2001) ▪ HiDPI fixes to all forms. (toe_head2001) ▪ IntelliBox items now filter as you type. (toe_head2001) ▪ Checkbox for Show Errors turns red if there are errors. (BoltBait) Grab the CodeLab DLL here: http://www.boltbait.com/pdn/CodeLab/
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    Something inspired by my latest plugin addition - Transitional Brush is what started it.
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    *NEW* Vignette+ Plugin Here is a new plugin to assist you in adding a vignette to an image. Differences to the built-in Vignette effect: -Can add a vignette to a blank canvas -Can add a black, white, or color vignette -Rendered vignettes are softer than the built-in effect Download here: VignettePlus35.zip If you are using Paint.NET 4.0 or beyond, download here: https://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/32048-v Install the normal way. Once installed, look under: Effects > Photo > Vignette+... Enjoy!
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    This is a hotfix for a crash that results from copying images from some web browsers. Unfortunately this seems to be the result of a bug in either the .NET Framework or Windows. I'll try to follow up with folks at Microsoft when I have some time to do so. As usual, you can download the update directly from the website, or you can use the built-in updater via Settings –> Updates –> Check Now. Change log: Fixed a crash or hang that sometimes happens when copying images from Internet Explorer, Edge, or Firefox, and then using File->New or Edit->Paste in paint.net
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    Happy Easter to All @toe_head2001.....your rubber stamp makes a great coloring tool!
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    What's new 2017.04.03 - added pyramid to photo shapes, updated aspect ratio shapes slightly 2016.06.02 - added superellipses Photo grids I had some photo-editing to do recently and I thought it will be handy to have cropping masks to help me with it. I found that I can implement them as custom shapes, so I decided to make a set. After little research in places like this and that I came up with this set of shapes: 3x3 grid and Phi 3x3 (Golden Ratio) grid are ultimately all that I was looking for by the moment, but it's hard to stop when you started, so I've implemented everything that looks half-reasonable at least (trying not to overload shapes with details). How to use: make a new layer over your photograph; create a grid shape there and move it to find a proper composition; the simplest way to convert a shape to selection I know is to deselect it, do a Magic Wand outside and invert selection; crop image to selection; delete this utility layer; you're done. Some shapes are sensitive to proportion. Don't forget to hold a Shift button when using them. If you need differently oriented spiral, for example, you can drag one side over other side while holding Shift to keep proportions. I by no means an experienced photographer, so if you have a better idea on what should be in the set - I would like to hear your ideas and motivation. Measurements, dimensions, other grids As I said, it was hard to stop, so I started to think what other kinds of useful shapes can be implemented. And here they are, various measurement assisting tools: And some more miscellaneous grids: Some of them may have no practical use (Smith chart in raster graphical editor, anyone?), some of them may have non-optimal parameters. This is just an experiment. Let me know if you have some use for them or something like them. Superellipses Superellipses lie in between of regular ellipses and rectangles. In some designs superellipse can be more appealing option than rounded rectangle. There are few variants in the pack, with different level of "roundness": 2.5 is a power factor of choice of Piet Hein, popularizator of superellipses; superellipse with factor 4 is called squircle; factor 5 is used in iOS icon designs; factor 3 is here just to fill the gap between other values. Download mxi_paint.net_shapes_20170403.zip Or visit my page and grab it there. Ideas for future (shapes) Parametric shape generator. Your suggestions. Converter (I'd rather prefer to move this to a different topic in Shapes subforum. Not sure how to deal with forum rules.) While making the shapes, I found it's tedious and error-prone to do conversion from Xaml pages to Paint.NET shapes manually. So I've spent some time to write a converter. It's a PowerShell script which does the simple thing - takes source Xaml files from one place and puts shape files to other place. (Source files are the files created in Kaxaml according to this instruction.) Script can be obtained on GitHub. The simplest way of using it is to call it from bat file. Check for a sample bat file in the same place on GitHub and customize it for your needs. PowerShell is included in Windows since Windows 7, and there should be no issues in using it on modern versions of Windows. But I will not teach you how to use it in ways other than with a bat file. Quirks Folder "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\paint.net\Shapes" is not working for Paint.NET. It's quite annoying to confirm file operations in Program Files every time. Paint.NET developers should move user manageable content to user profile. Shapes should be fillable. If your shape consists only of PathFigures, you need at least one figure which is closed and filled. (Update: fixed in paint.net 4.0.10) Shapes will be shown in dropdown menu and will have moving grips located according to fillable area. I had to do a hair-thin trick on measurement_mark shapes to make them work properly. (Update: fixed in paint.net 4.0.10) Default FillRule is EvenOdd. Placing one fillable geometry inside other switches filling state. You may need to set FillRule="NonZero" if you want to keep all the shape filled. To be able to quickly iterate creation process and fix all of this is a good reason for the script to exist. It allows you to test your shapes, fix source files and have proper shapes immediately, instead of having manually corrected shapes which doesn't match their sources. Ideas for future (converter) Warnings for improper shapes? (Unfillable paths, what else?) Back-conversion. Not required if you follow a good practice of editing source files only. Your suggestions.
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    Welcome to my Animation Gallery ****************************************************** Decided to start again now that I'm getting to understand a little more how the forum works. I've always been interested in animation so decided to follow that route here using PDN. In the past I used Paint Shop Pro but after it was sold to Corel it out priced itself, let's hope PDN doesn't go the same way. ***************************************************************************************************** My first animation is a very simple walking stick figure using only 3 images. The three images that create the animation The yellow circle is just there to give the illusion that the figure is moving forward. The next animation I create will be a more detailed walking man.
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    * Kaia Nao is an artist whose creations we’ve already featured once or twice in the past. Obviously inspired by Akiyoshi Kitaoka, Kaia’s works show homage to a great japanese professor, further enhancing professor’s famous illusory patterns. Tunnel Vision is just one of Kaia’s works. This static piece immediately draws you inside it, and at the same time produces a feeling you’re flying right trough the tunnel!
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    To expound on the IntelliBox filtering, here are two example scenarios. You want to find all ColorBgra(s) that are a variation of 'Gold'. You want to use "that Hex method", but can't remember what letter it starts with. Basically, it now works more like the IntelliBox in Visual Studio.
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    I never did see the statue of liberty. But yes @hippiechos It was meant to use as many colors as I could. Thank you for visiting @lynxster4 You all have better eyes than I do. Here's something new I just threw together with the new filters from PS. Many more to come I'm sure. Working on spaceships and aircraft.
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    Ishi, first of all your work is awesome. Second, I've done everything from wedding announcements (my own) to professional restaurant signs in PDN. The ONLY issue I've ever encountered was when I needed a vector image. *grimace* I have total faith in your ability to blow their minds. Congratulations to them btw!
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    @lovkal Here's a plugin for you. Let me know if it works well for you. Effects -> Color -> Lone Color Remover LoneColorRemover.zip
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    Very welcome! There are 114 free fonts by the same author if you want to pay a look at them: Free fonts by Roger White Edit: I've just found a font that may be of help for the filigree designs (Nymphette font). Alternatively, let's remember it's also possible to do swirly strokes with Red ochre's Flourish plugin.
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    Well, it's your decision, but I think, you should try it again. You can't learn anything, if you give up. Redrawing the feather wasn't neccessary (for perspective) in my opinion - at most, because they look a little bit like fish scales. And beveling the blood is better then such a light beveling of arms and legs. It's mostly a question of the right perspective - nothing else. Here 2 little examples, what I mean: I see two options: You draw the blood or other more or less flat objects directly in the right perspective. You draw like before and use then Layers -> Rotate/Zoom. Additional an alternative wing:
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    Plugins Used: - Bulletin Board Trim - Drop Shadow - Tube Oblique - Lines/Grid
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    @minaite Embedded plugins and other things are nice, but just because plugins manage their own windows doesn't mean PDN is an outdated piece of hobby software. In my opinion, it's hardly worth a complaint at all. Since only Rick can work on Paint.NET, I'd assume that he must be the intended audience of your usability speech. I would like to point out that Rick has been making steady updates that frequently include patching obscure errors related to usability and, if you didn't notice, Paint.NET is packed with features completely centered around usability. The recent update to pan the image past its bounds when zoomed in is such an example. He has acknowledged some time ago that the current plugin implementation isn't the best, so he's definitely aware. You mentioned teamwork and so forth -- Rick is the only person working on his project, for which he doesn't get paid, just to benefit his users. It's fair to suggest changes, but not to bash Paint.net or draw its professionalism / credibility into question on a simple design choice.
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    Dear @lynxster4! WOW! I like the way you did this one. (Unfortunately, I'm late) Thank you so much.
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    I read on the first page that the original release of CodeLab came bundled with some sample Effects. Using the Wayback Machine, I dug up that old fossil from 11 years ago. I went through each one, and made them all compatible with paint.net v4. Tom's Samples.zip
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    Many people only download plugins once and never update them. I'm recommending redownloading them as a way to ensure they have the latest versions.
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    Just checked that link. I'm guessing that Roger White dude is from Massachusetts. I mean he has Swansea, Newtown and Milford fonts. All towns/cities in Massachusetts. I grew up in Milford, Mass....
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    Here is a little something for all you fractal lovers. I like the way it provides an ability to test the blending of different colors. Thank you Ahmed. Hope you come back soon.
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