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    CodeLab 3.1 Released This is only for Paint.NET 4.0.21+! Big update today... Changes: ▪ Object disposal in "File > New" Templates. (BoltBait) ▪ Create Work Surface in "File > New" Templates. (BoltBait) ▪ View Full Source without having to build a DLL file. "View Source" changed from check box to button on the Build to DLL screen. (BoltBait) ▪ Support for NestedTypes to the 'Intelligent Assistance' features. (toe_head2001) ▪ User Interface controls can now be previewed while in the UI Designer. (BoltBait & toe_head2001) ▪ The script can now be run with a fully functional UI, while still in CodeLab. Building a DLL file is not necessary to see how your final effect will look. (Does not include Help.) (BoltBait & toe_head2001) ▪ Bug Fix: reported issues with 'Format Document' (thanks, xod). (toe_head2001) Grab the CodeLab DLL here: http://www.boltbait.com/pdn/CodeLab/
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    This update fixes one major bug in Edit -> Paste that was introduced in 4.0.20. If you’re using the Windows Store release, you should get the update automatically within the next few days. For the Classic release, you can use the built-in updater by going to ⚙ Settings → Updates → Check Now. You can also download it directly from the website. Change log: Fixed a bug where a pasted image would be clipped after choosing "Keep canvas size" Enjoy!
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    We got this working tonight. You'll be able to run the script with a fully functional UI, directly from within CodeLab, without building a dll file and installing it.
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    CodeLab 3.0 Released This is only for Paint.NET 4.0.20+! HUGE update today... Editor Changes: ▪ PDN Dark Theme compatibility (toe_head2001) ▪ New 'Find & Replace' panel with expanded functionality (toe_head2001) ▪ Edit -> Format Document. Automatic line indentation, and whitespace trimming from line ends (toe_head2001) ▪ F12 to 'Go To Definition'. Objects from the .Net Framework open docs.microsoft.com; objects from UserScript go to location in document (toe_head2001) ▪ Proper "Intelligent Assistance" for User Defined type members (fields, methods, ect. in your script), and type members defined in the Effect class (EnvironmentParameters, IsCancelRequested, ect.) (toe_head2001) ▪ Autocomplete box can now be filtered object type (Class, Property, Keyword, ect.) (toe_head2001) ▪ Bug fix: Red underlines for errors are now correctly located (toe_head2001) Code Generation Changes: ▪ Int and Double sliders can now have decorations (BoltBait) ▪ Users can have controls disabled based on the status of other controls (enable/disable checkbox, etc.) (BoltBait) ▪ OnSetRenderInfo can be optionally utilized in the UserScript via the PreRender method. (toe_head2001) ▪ All File > New templates rewritten to utilize the new PreRender() function (BoltBait) ▪ Bug fix: Radio buttons and Drop-down lists now properly set default values (toe_head2001) Grab the CodeLab DLL here: http://www.boltbait.com/pdn/CodeLab/ Big shout-out to @MJW for helping design and test all the new features!
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    RIP Dolores O'Riordan. Your dulcet tones will be missed
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    Hi All, Here is some preset for Gradient Mapping plugin from Pyrochild. These preset can be used to give grayscale images a colored metallic tint with use of luminosity. Following images are example to what the they map to. The name like Copper, Nichrome, Stannous, Electroplated, chromium, Steel etc are more or less arbitrary or for name only. Download
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    Hello everyone, Happy New Year! It's a new year, and so of course there will be new drawings. Here's the first piece of 2018, an animated one. (Animated, click to view) Alternate link if it doesn't load: https://blastwaves.deviantart.com/art/Full-Speed-Ahead-725342812 While this scene wasn't animated with Paint.NET, everything else was done with it. The tanks, shrubs, ground, clouds, background, dust clouds, and tank animation frames were all done by hand in PDN, and it was then put into Game Maker: Studio and animated with the editor.
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    @Eli, @lynxster4, @barbieq25, @PranavJH, @Pixey, and @Seerose, thank you all for the good wishes! @IRON67, thank you for the good wishes and the perspective check! Healing, steadily; still have to be cautious, and sneezing is now my worst fear. I firmly believe this forum and PDN itself are helping by keeping me upbeat. *gentle hugs to everyone*
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    To demonstrate some of the new features of CodeLab v3, I converted my 'Rubber Stamp' Visual Studio project to a CodeLab script. New features specifically demonstrated here are: the PreRender method, Slider Decorations (on Amount3), and Prop Rules (on Amount6). Previously, those three things had to be done in Visual Studio. Hopefully it will be of some interest to a few people.
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    ^^^ This is black magic! Pure witchcraft and wizardry! Job well done! Those guys are awesome! *tuts his own horn, and breaks his arm off patting himself on the back* Do we even need Visual Studio anymore? Nearly 12 years ago, it was written: I think it's safe to say that we now have the most robust development environment of any image manipulation program. Here are the keyboard commands to invoke filtering within the AutoComplete box: Alt+L Local Variables and Parameters Alt+O Constants Alt+P Properties Alt+F Fields Alt+M Methods Alt+C Classes Alt+S Structs Alt+E Enums Alt+K Keywords Enjoy the new features and bugfixes.
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    Many thanks @welshblue - sorry I'm late to comment. Yes, the eye! That little darn eye gave me a whole lotta trouble. I tried redoing the whole thing a few times, but I could not remember how I'd done the 'halo' around her head - so I ended up leaving it 'spooky' Playing around with an old Aguba tutorial. Glossy Text
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    Version 1.5 posted. This release includes the Russian translation by @ReMake. I also simplified the method for trimming the transparent edges, so it uses less memory now.
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    So. I've suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember. Between the car accident and some other jarring news, my mental state has been...less than ideal. This, for me, is what a panic attack feels like.
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    @Eli ... Real Madrid fans would like to see parts of Messi missing (The greatest Footballer in the World IMO) I'm with Eli and Garchompula. If you don't choose the Expand Canvas option the larger image is cut off when you resize it. The overlap part of the image is no longer there. Totally gone. It never used to be like that A short video to show what happens https://youtu.be/-OrgSabIZEg
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    Photo is my cactus flower, taken by me.
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    Dragonfruit flower, grown in my garden & photographed by me at night braving all manner of creepy crawly, possible spiders even, where in Australia everything tries to kill you It did produce a fruit & I can tell you that it was delicious.
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    An adventurer carrying miscellaneous gear explores a cave. Created in 8 hours on 1-16-2018. I created stalactites first to define the perspective, then torch for lighting, marking where light would shine on the floor and ceiling. It could be better for a number of reasons, but it's not terrible. I could be drawing this every time if I could only grasp the unwieldy powers of high contrast as I draw rather than trying to adjust afterwards. These stalactites, since I actually drew them like stalactites, look great under high contrast.
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    Your work is definitely getting better! But...
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    If you have simple grayscale gradient in skyline and use these presets, you can have different type sky. Download
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    Lens Flare What's this? “Lens flare is created when non-image forming light enters the lens and subsequently hits the camera's film or digital sensor. This often appears as a characteristic polygonal shape, with sides which depend on the shape of the lens diaphragm…” Text from https://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/lens-flare.htm For more information about this, please read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lens_flare Download it! Plugin LensFlare.dll Here is the DLL http://jcljay.free.fr/pdn/LensFlare.zip The MadJik's All plugins package is available! http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=7186 This plugin is compatible with the dark theme available since version 4.20 of paint.net and may cause error with lower version. Here is the zip without dark theme. Here is the DLL http://jcljay.free.fr/pdn/LensFlare419.zip How to install Close Paint.net Classic version of Paint.net Unzip and (re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects (please reverse / for correct path) Microsoft Store version of Paint.net Unzip and (re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: My Documents/paint.net App Files/Effects (please reverse / for correct path) You have to adapt for your language My Documents Thanks to @toe_head2001 for help with windows form issues (dark theme and good advices). How to use it First of all the plugin is searching for the brightest point of the active layer. If the layer is empty or monochrome, the top left corner is the default point. Then from this point passing through the center of the canvas, an imaginary line is used to place each of the fourteen shapes defined by the grid of settings. Flares are concentric circles or hexagons with a fading white to gray. Flakes are rays. The User interface This plugin is added to the menu Effects, submenu Render. The interface is divided in several areas: Area 1 common factors Distance factor Set the distance adjustment to the center of the canvas. Default distance is estimated by the white point. Radius factor Overall adjustments of the radius of the shapes. FlaKe intensity factor Change luminosity of all flakes (stars) FlaRe intensity factor Change luminosity of all flares (circles and hexagons) FlaKe width of rays Ratio to change the width of the rays of the stars. FlaRe width adjustment Change thickness of concentric shapes (circles and hexagons) Final blur The effect is better with a small blur. The blur is applied on the active layer. You should use a separated layer to keep your image unblured. Area 2 FX table This table define each shape of the lens flare (FX). The first column shows a symbol of the shape. The default values are based on several samples I found on the web. FX type Select the FX type: 0=none, 1=circle, 2= star, 3=hexagon. This changes the symbol. Distance Set the distance to the center of the FX. The positive distances are the farthest, the negative ones are the closest. The shapes are drawn in the order from top to bottom, overlapping each other. Int radius Value for the internal radius of the shape (zero for a filled shape). Ext radius Value for the external radius of the shape. Ray/Circle For flake, define the number of rays to draw the star. For flare, define the number of concentric shapes to draw. . Invert 0=gradient from white (inside) to black (outside). 1=gradient from black (inside) to white (outside). Grey level Set the luminosity limit for the FX. Area 2b tabulation sequence Click on this picture to change the tabulation sequence in the table. Green/Vertical: allows to fill the table column per column, going through a parameter for all the FX. Blue/Horizontal: allows to fill the parameters FX per FX. Area 3 Set all Enter a value in the dark cell to set all values in the column above at once. Area 4 XML Settings Menu with save/load possibilities. Help button ? Click on the ? (top right of the interface) to open this post. The Examples: Voilà! Enjoy! Let me see what you could do with it!
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    R.I.P then Edward Allan Clarke (AKA Fast Eddie)
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    @MadJik! That's with the lens flare 419. I have to read everything correctly.
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    Congrats to everyone that won!! I feel very honored that I placed 3rd for 'Queen of Paint'. Thank you for the 'Marilyn Monroe Award' again. I just love making shapes! And I will always share them with you, the community. A big thanks to @BoltBait for running this awards show, and to @Rick Brewster for this wonderful software that makes it all possible! Marilyn thanks you, also...
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    Thank you @Pixey, @barbieq25, @LionsDragon, and @Seerose for your kind and heartfelt words. What an absolutely rotten 2017! I also lost my ex-husband in 2017, and that makes me feel 'creepy' about that saying about things happening in 'threes'. Moving forward.....2018 can only be BETTER!!! Love, kisses, and thanks to all! You are wonderful!
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    Please ensure you're using the latest version of paint.net; version 4.0.21.
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    Beautiful glowing, glossy lettering @Pixey Has a 'glassy' look to it, also!
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    1. Bars 2. Polar 3. Zoom blur + repeat as needed
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    So glad you are steadily improving @LionsDragon. I too have had a bad start to 2018 .............. I agree with you that being able to distract myself with working on this forum, is medicine in itself
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    Something is only annoying if you let it be. Just set Quality to Nearest Neighbour as a work around for now It's not as if it's totally unusable and Rick is aware of it, so jumping on his case won't get it done any quicker. As a wise man named Master Po said, " Patience Grasshopper"
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    Ditto. Just saw it on the BBC site.
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    Posted with working final blur Visual Studio Sources updated http://jcljay.free.fr/pdn/LensFlareSRC.zip
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    Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.... *hugs* A beautiful tribute. Hang in there my friend. Sending you loads of love. *hugs again*
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    Oh dear lynxster4. That is just so sad. Deepest sympathies & loads of hugs.
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    Oh Boy you really do have a gift for detail. Looks just like the real thing
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    Here is a short video of what you could do with the color wheel in PDN. To achieve it, hold down the shift key to have the color wheel display fans. Hold down the ctrl key to display a circle, and hold down the alt key creates a straight line. I didn't even know this was available. This is information isn't even available in the keyboard shortcut link above!
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    With the help of MJW's advice, I came up with an amazingly good result, which I thought I'd share. What I realised was that the noise (animated snow) is almost entirely different on each image. That is, snow particles rarely overlap between images. So taking the difference between two otherwise identical images results in just the snow particles on a black background. I reasoned that this could be subtracted back from the combination of the two original images, factoring in the fact that each contributes half of the intensity. So, if the two background images are BG1 and BG2: Create two copies of each, as alternating layers. Set the top layer to Difference mode and merge down to give BG1-BG2. Set the top layer of the lower pair to 127 Opacity (50%) and merge down to give an average of the two, BG1+BG2. Now set the topmost of the two combined layers to Difference AND 127 Opacity and merge down, which I'll call BG1/BG2. The result is a superbly clean and sharp rendition of the background. Frankly, I was astonished at the quality of the result. Repeating the same process with the foreground images, I can Difference the FG and BG results to get just the desired overlay image. Analysing, step 2 creates an image of the noise (snow particles) in both layers. Step 3 gives an average of the two layers, which also halves the intensity of any snow particles that don't appear in both images. Step 4 subtracts half of the snow particles from the averaged image, effectively removing them. Of course, if there are any snow flakes that appear in the same location on both images, they won't be removed, but this can be handled with additional source images. Unfortunately, I have other images where the noise is more fog-like, and I suspect this process won't work. In which case it will be back to simple averaging. Nonetheless, this is exactly the kind of layer algebra that I was looking for. Yay!