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  1. Interesting plugin. Thank you.
  2. Good fun Red. Thanks for your hard work. Heres a quick play
  3. Congrats @Pixey @lynxster4 & @dipstick Very impressive entries from all participants. Nice hosting work from @Pixey too.
  4. Well done to all the placers and the winner. A comp I had run out of time to enter this time. Thanks to Pixey for holding the fort while Drew is absent too.
  5. Oh no Drew. Very sorry to read this
  6. To Echo Pixey. Deepest sympathy Drew on your loss.
  7. Congrats to Pixey & Scooter. Very interesting entries all round. Thanks Pixey for standing in. Hope to see you back soon Drew.
  8. Ok at eyes / nose. Aweful at the rest. My effort.
  9. Well done on your win Maxi, congratz also to mjw and pixey for placings, thanks DrewDale for the hosting duties too
  10. My Feline Malmo and her little Daughter Skane.
  11. How do you wrap a texture around a sphere using planetoid ? tried and failed to find how to load a texture
  12. Interesting. Thanks for sharing
  13. A very impressive entry and win barbie, well done to doughty and MJW too. Good entries all round. Thanks to DrewDale for the hosting too.
  14. Really impressive work so far here, I look forward to seeing more too. The fireplace is very good, a lot of attention to detail, well done