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"Glamorizing" a picture

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How do you touch up your photos and make it look "glamorous?"

1. how do you get rid of the lines on the faces?

2. how do you even the skin tone?

3. how do you make your jawline sharper?

4. how do you get rid of the "double" chin?


p.s. I am a novice in photoshop so I'm trying to learn all the basics but my main interest is mostly touching up pictures and making them look glamorous.

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Ash - I apologize for posting this topic in the wrong forum. And thank you for moving it in this forum.

For those who did reply, I appreciate your responses although they didn't really answer my questions.

Is there someone or anyone out there who can help? I'm just eager to learn this paint.net thinggy. I was checking it out last night and trying to see what it can do after downloading it, but would really much like to learn the questions I asked. Like my postscript says, I'm a novice so any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

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