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  1. Yeah, it may have been one of those first two. Even if it wasn't, it's just what I'm looking for. Thanks Nab!!
  2. A few months ago, someone on this forum posted the link of a free abstract 3d rendering program. This was a small simple program, it wasn't anything famous like blender or anything. I don't remember what topic it was under but it wasn't the highlight of the topic so I don't think I'll be able to find it with the search tool. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, I'd appreciate to rediscover this program.
  3. I have just one compaint. The pieces on the Jumble plugin seem to be more pixelated. :? That is all. Everything else is absolutely wonderful. I hope to see more plug-ins from you. Very nice!!
  4. Yay!! pant pant.... Yay. Seriously though. keep up the good work. LOL. I always get excited when one of these babies comes out EDIT by david.atwell: Please read the rules about shouting. Thank you. :-)
  5. Yeah, I tried several distortions to the steg'd image. Even if you slightly change the brightness (Which WILL happen if you scan) the hidden image is destroyed. It WAS a nice thought though. UPDATE: OoOoOoOoO. I just tried this: I took an image and set the transparency ADJUSTMENT to about the first setting so it wasn't visible but technically barely opaque. Then I put this image on top of a white canvas. Then I ran the reveal tool and it came up. (kinda light, just use the levels tool to fix that) This method let's the image survive twist, oblique, ANY rotation and more. Sadly, noise still kills it. It's a start though. Sorry if I seem kind of obsessed. I'm truly fascinated with this steganography concept Thanks for listening
  6. So do you guys think it would be possible to print out a steg'd picture, give it to a friend, he scans it and removes noise etc. (makes it look exactly like the pic) and STILL be able to recover the message?
  7. Sorry. I thought it might have been a problem with P.N instead of the plugin. Still... I should have posted it under the Ed Harvey plugin page.
  8. Hi. I just installed 3.20 and now threshold and surface blur don't show up in the menu. I checked and it is the newest version of the plugin and yes, I do have both of them. Is anyone else having this problem? Do I need to re-install Paint.NET but keep the plugins? Thanks in advance
  9. You guys are overshooting it... I think the equation of all life and existence is...1
  10. lol, it's obvious he's posted the same thing on a Photoshop forum and forgot to change it to Paint.NET
  11. 7.87/10. Nice and colorful but maybe needs an outline on the text perhaps some de-noisification...
  12. Hello, this is for those who write plug-ins. This is just a simple request.... From what I've seen with the 3.20 Alpha, things are a bit more organized with tabs. When the final version of 3.20 comes out, could you update you plug-ins so that they fit into the right tab Especially the + plug-ins... for example, it would be VERY convenient if the Frosted Glass and the Frosted Glass+ were together in the right tab. OR, perhaps someone could show us noobs how to do this ourselves with codelab once 3.20 comes out. Thanks in advance -Ryan
  13. ...the only thing you love more than your girlfriend is the cards you made her using Paint.NET Take my ideas if you want btw... http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j287/Crustycow304/2lovertulipsmc2.png http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j287/Crustycow304/starrymcnight1.png
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