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Quake textures

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A lot of work!

Textures have to be repetable (seamless).

If you create a wall with texture ABCBA for example,

Each single texture A,B or C should have a seamless border with the other.

A try 100% PDN:


Oops not really repetable!


Look for the art of Jake2k, he had provided some hightech stuff in the pictorium... and a tutorial for wires to add to this textures


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The more experienced you become with this program, the better you will get. To pull of some pretty nice stuff like those textures though, you will need to work hard at it. There wont be some little tutorial that will get it all done.

And also, any graphics editor can create textures like that. It depends on how easy and how long it would take to create them though. To make something like that in ms paint would take days or weeks, while it wouldnt take nearly as long to make something like that in photoshop. But also, experience will let you pull of better things faster.

I'm still alive!

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