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Gloss effect?

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Okay...you see the difference of the 2 red photos I posted above right? One of them has a matte finish and the other with a gloss finish which makes it look all nice 'n shiny.

I don't know how to do it myself & I would be very very, VERY happy if someone could take the image in my signature and add the same effect.

I assume it can be easily done with Photoshop. Can someone do it for me please. .....Ummm...pretty please with sugar on top?

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Could you make it w/o the black border & I want it to be rounded on the lower corners as well as the top ones like the glossy red pic I posted above. Please & Thanks again, Ash. I very much appreciate it. :D

Also did you do it with Paint.net or Photoshop?

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No prob,

Read my sig....all 100% paint.net


That's EXACTLY how I wanted it.

Did you use one of the tutorials that was mentioned above? (which I havn't tried yet

I really wanna know how you did it baceuse using that effect on the backgrounds custom I make for my PSP would NICE!!!

I'm gonna use that as my new signature in these forums as well as the Playstation ones.

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Please don't use that many exclamation marks.

Open the image

Make a new layer.

Draw a rounded rectangle that's filled in with black on the new layer.

Use the magic wand to select the black rectangle.

Switch to the picture layer

Press ctr I to invert the selection

Go back to the rounded rectangle layer

Select it using the magic wand.

Switch to the picture layer

Select the gradient tool

Set your primary color to white and give your second color a alpha value of 0

Draw a linear gradient from the top to the center


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