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Plugin request - a variation of the pixel counter plugin

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Excel does figures so there has to be a way. Which column has the page numbers?

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Replace page number 17, 18 & 19 with the first three numbers of the sequence you want to use (like 50, 51 & 52 if you want to start at page 50).

Select the three renumbered cells. At the bottom right corner of the selected cells is a tiny icon click & drag that downwards to fill the column with the continuing sequence.

Repeat for column G starting with the last number in column B +1.

More on this technique https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Automatically-number-rows-76ce49e3-d8d2-459b-bd85-ee1d3973e6e6

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You'll want to use a simple ascending integer sequence. Try this:

1. Type 29 into B2. 30 into B3 and 31 into B4.

2. Select the three cells B2, B3 & B4.

3. Drag the Fill icon down the entire column.


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Add a new column to the right of Column B, and a new column to the right of (the original) Column G.


In the new column C, type in Cell C2 a simple formula "B2+X", where X is the number of pages to offset the first page to be folded (in my example 25). 

Click on the bottom right of Cell C2 and drag to fill the rest of Column C with the formula (like EER describes above).


Repeat with the new Column I, starting with typing the formula "H2+X" in the new Cell I2 and then dragging again to fill the rest of the new Column I.





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