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  1. I'll give that a try today! Thank you EDIT: You're a genius! That totally worked. Thank you so so much!
  2. Unfortunately that didn't work I experimented by adding 10 to the first 3. (different pattern than the first screen I posted) Line 4-7 should have changed to 31, line 8 to 33
  3. I would have thought so to. The 2nd column is the page #
  4. OK so apparently there is no way to do this from inside Excel
  5. Awesome.. I'm on both of those groups. I'll post the question there as well.
  6. serramagk

    Calcule book folding pattern

    Unfortunately I'm having a problem with this plug in I installed it into the effects folder and it's showing up under Render. However it's causing errors in and I have to restart it and it never saves the file.
  7. TechnoRobbo you and Heather are my heros! Thank you so much for collaborating. I do have a question if you don't mind. On occasion I need to adjust the starting page number. Is there a way to do this in excel once the pattern has been created?