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Curving text

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I am brand new here though did read the rules and guidelines section. I searched the term and came up with 2 other posts. The reason I am reposting this is none of those explained anything other than one guy saying to move and place each letter separately and than rotate them. Really? That is not only a hassle it is so unmathematical that there would be no way to get perfect symmetry. It would be sloppy & amateur at best for professional designers or anyone designing business media, logos/banners, etc. I am hoping someone can let me know of a plug-in that will allow me to bend or curve words ?? Thanks in advance--

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I would recommend Grid Warp for this. It's very flexible.......





WOW! Such a VERY COOL EFFECT!! I love Grid Wrap!!! I also just tried it on a string of about 4 words. In the actual effect the Grid Wrap tool made the wavy text look so cool. When I clicked on "OK" to select the actual performance the box went away but the layer of text never made the change. When I did a search on this forum for "Grid Wrap" this was the ONLY thing that came up for it so I guess there are no other tutes on it...I'm still trying to find them and figure out what I'm doing wrong.



OH!! I GOT IT TO WORK NOW!!! My bad! One just has to make the layer active.

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Hello! Circle Text is a wonderful text formation tool, but if you'd like a more wave-y kind of text I'd suggest the WaveTextSUI plugin. It can be found here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/16634-wave-text/


Here's something I whipped together as an example of how the plugin works :)




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