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I have downloaded and installed Paint.net ok and it works fine. My problem is when I create an article and require a border the plugin starts then immediately stops with an Error message. Can anyone suggest how I overcome this. I have already deleted the two plugins and reinstalled them but the problem remains. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Hey Lifechip - welcome to the forum :D

Best if you post your question in the thread where you downloaded the plugin. That way the plugin developer will see your message if they are still around. Also include the text of the error message, and/or a screenshot of the error message.

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There should be a crash log stored at %LOCALAPPDATA%\paint.net\CrashLogs

To help with diagnosing the problem, please copy and paste its contents here.

This sounds to me like you are either using an old version of paint.net (if so, I recommend upgrading to the latest version), you are using plugins from the Megalo Pack (an illegally compiled plugin pack with a virus included. See this thread for details), or a plugin that simply hasn't been updated in a while (in which case, I recommend you leave a note in the plugin's original thread)

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