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Fluffy/Fuzzy Text

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Fuzzy/Fluffy Text

By FourOhFour


This tutorial requires:

Bevel Selection by: Bolt Bait

Get it here: http://www.boltbait.com/pdn/BoltBaitPack40.zip


You will be making this:



Step 1: Create a new image, 800 x 600.




Step 2: Choose paint bucket tool and fill the Background Layer with black.



Step 3: Create a new layer.




Step 4: Choose a Bold font using the fonts menu.

Then, change your font size to a size big enough to work,

but small enough to fit in the image.





I used gEbsM0w.png because of the rounded edges:



Step 5: Choose a light color such as:


Click the More button (Top Right) to get to the Hex box.



Step 6: Type your text on Layer 2:

Make sure to have Layer 2 selected.




Step 7: Use the Crystallized effect on the Text Layer.

Effect is found in:


On this step, feel free to experiment with other inputs.

I chose the cell size to be 2, because it is a really small and fine size.

The quality should be 5 to make it fade, but feel free to experiment.




It should look somewhat like this:



Step 8: Select the Magic Wand tool from the tools window.

Then, change the Flood Mode to Global (It should be at the top).




Step 9: Select the Text by clicking on one of the letters:



Step 10: Apply the Bevel Selection effect to your text:

Effect is found in:

Effects\Selection\Bevel Selection

I recommend these settings, but as I said earlier, feel free to experiment!




It should look somewhat like this:



Step 11: Apply the Dents effect:

Effect should be found in:


Feel free to experiment with these.

This step has tons of outcomes.


Although, I have found that if the Scale is too large,

it will be very distorted.



Step 12: Merge the Text Layer and the Background Layer:




You're done!

If you have any suggestions or

constructive criticism,

post them below!


This is what I came up with:



Thanks for your time!

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