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Not enough storage is available to complete this operation!

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That isn't RAM. That's your hard drive.


What I mean is that in this case, for this error message, "storage" refers to either. It's a super generic error message that is handed to me by Windows. I didn't write that error message.

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Windows task manager can give you a picture of your available memory and show you what is being used




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@Tycoonist - Your posting of the Windows Task Manager isn't going to help us or you.  I was simply pointing out that you can find information there about the RAM.  There are just too many factors that can come into play when you're getting this "error" (although it's not really an error in the truest sense, it's simply reporting that it can't complete the action).


If you have a large image and then you're adding layers and applying effects, etc. all of these things can consume memory when trying to render your work.


One thing to note is that if you compare the image I shared of the task manager to yours, my system shows that there are 64 processes running and yours shows 116.  You may wish to find someone locally (a friend or someone else whom you trust) to investigate what processes are running on your system and see which ones you can turn off to make more memory available to you when working on images.


Processes running, in simplest terms, are programs that are running on your computer.  Many are needed by windows and may cause problems if you stop them.  Others are ones that you may have elected to run - as an example, you may have a chat program like AIM running that you don't need running while you're trying to work on your image.  You may have iTunes running which is also unnecessary.  There are just too many endless possibilities of what may be consuming memory unnecessarily.  Stopping them will make memory available to you while your working in Paint.NET.


Another consideration would be to check to see if you can upgrade the amount of memory to your system.  Your task manager image indicates you have 8GB of memory but your system may handle double that (I don't really know if this is the case, you'll have to research it for yourself - or like I suggested, have a friend or someone else help you).


In my case (in relation to the image I shared), 8GB is the maximum amount of memory mine takes.


At any rate, there is very little anybody here can do to assist you beyond giving advice.  It's all going to boil down to getting someone nearby to help you out if you can't sort these issues out on your own.




The primary reason why I recommend getting someone locally to assist you is because it would be the quickest way to help you through this.  Though trying to resolve it here is possible, it would be slow because you may not understand what someone is explaining (not to be offensive, but similar to your not having understood the memory error - the difference between Hard Drive Space vs memory stick(s) in your computer).  Posting images back and forth and explaining the various nuances of those images and the computer, etc. are all thing that will take time to get you through it.

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